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  • The Clark Smart Steps for Buying a New Car


    If you're in the market for a new car, here are my tips for making a smart purchase. Here's how to buy a new car First, go to your credit union, online bank or traditional bank...

  • Drive Your Own Car or Rent One for Summer Travel?


    AAA now estimates that its costs 58 cents per mile to operate a new vehicle, down from 59 cents just a year ago on the wave of weak gas prices we've been seeing for much of this year. Yet...

  • Best Cars of 2015


    Every April, Consumer Reports makes a special effort during car buying season to give advice for new and used buyers in their annual auto issue. This year, the overall most reliable brand for new...

  • Find the cheapest gas prices in your area


    Your phone can help save you money at the gas pump. These mobile apps will give you big gas savings at the tip of your finger.

  • Hot new option in the car market: Mini-SUVs


    Love the high ride and safety of an SUV, but don't like the huge size or terrible fuel economy? Two American automakers have a great new alternative.

  • Gas Stations Have New Way To Stop Credit Card Thieves


    Banks are losing the battle against credit card thieves, and no place do the thieves strike more than at the gas station. The Washington Post  reports credit card fraud is 4 times greater at...

  • New car technology that saves you gas money


    There's a simple way to reduce fuel consumption that more and more traditional gas engine cars are using to save you gas and money. And it's right beneath your feet!

  • 4 Gas Credit Cards To Combat Rising Gas Prices


    According to AAA, as of July 2014, the national average for regular unleaded gasoline is 14 cents higher than it was a year ago, making it the highest summer average in the last six years.But you...

  • Major retailer offers 15 cents off gas


    If you are looking to save money on gas, a big offer available in nearly 20 statescould save you up to 15 cents a gallon.

  • Should You Pay For Premium Gas?


    We Americans have very short memories. When the price of a barrel of oil hit a record-high of $147 in July 2008, I took a ton of calls from people who wanted to dump their SUVs and buy a hybrid or...

  • Save 15 Cents/Gallon On Gasoline


    If you are looking to save money on gas, Wal-Mart has a big offer for you in nearly 20 states.The mega-retailer is offering a discount of 15 cents/gallon all summer long through September 8. It's...

  • Electric car deals create short supply


    After telling you several weeks ago that automakers are rolling out great leasing offers on electric vehicles, I now have a new situation to report: Electric vehicles are in short supply on dealer...

  • Very fuel-effiicent minivans on the way


    A new Minivan will soon be here that should get up to 75 mpg on average. Bonus: It's American made!

  • Find a better deal on auto insurance


    You may be getting charged more for auto insurance because of your job title and education level. Fortunately, there is a new online tool that can help you find a better deal.

  • Why a diesel engine won't automatically save you money


    Have you been eyeing a diesel-powered car in the hopes of bringing down the cost of driving?  Have the advertisements promising 45 mpg got you convinced that diesel is the secret to lowering...