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Small business is the lifeblood of American capitalism and entrepreneurs are the secret weapon of our country's prosperity. Find out everything you need to know to launch a business or make an existing business thrive in all economic climates.

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Self Publishing Guide

Over the years, Clark has had a lot of calls from people wanting to publish a book. Most didn't know where to turn after they'd been rejected by all the giant publishing houses, or contacted by fake publishing houses that were more interested in their money than their book! Then ...

Why Entrepreneurs Should Avoid Business Credit Cards

What's the difference between personal credit cards and small business credit cards? One can decimate the revenue of small businesses, while the other offers a great workaround and protections for entrepreneurs. Politicians pay a lot of lip service to small business, but they really stab this economic engine in the ...

Lower cost merchant processing fees

Lower cost merchant processing fees

Attention, small business owners! Lower your costs for merchant processing with an offer so generous, the company behind it is willing to lose money just to save you some!

Major retailers speeding up checkout process

Major retailers speeding up checkout process

Walmart and Target are doing something drastic to get you out of the checkout line faster!

More Options for Mobile Merchant Credit Card Processing

Nine years ago after a trip to Japan, I came back home and raved on air about watching people use their cell phones to pay for things. Now that kind of thing is common here. Save money on merchant processing fees A company I've talked about a few times recently, ...

Best Websites To Get Small Business Loans

Getting a loan as a small business or an entrepreneur isn't easy. Thankfully, microloans financiers and peer-to-peer (P2P) lenders have stepped up with funds. Here's a look at the best websites for small business lending P2P lending is a way to cut the banks out of the equation that allows ...

How To Start a Business From Scratch

If you are looking to start a business, there are many factors to consider. While it is possible to skip the planning stage and just start your business and work out the details later, this is not a smart route to take. Starting a business without a well thought-out plan ...

How To Avoid Losing $100,000 in Retirement

Employees of smaller companies will have $100,000 less in retirement than workers at bigger companies. But it's not for the reason you think… A study done by found the average worker at a small company who invests in a 401(k) over a lifetime will lose $113,000 of that money. ...

Waffle House Stiffs Waitress On $1,500 Tip

If you work as a restaurant server, you know there are times when you work really hard and you get stiffed on a tip. One of the Kardashian sisters allegedly stiffed a server for a tip in the Hamptons and that's become a big story recently. But wait until you ...

What is your social footprint saying about you?

What is your social footprint saying about you?

Headds up, job seekers. Many, if not most employers are doing social media checks before they consider you for an interview now.

167 items
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