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Inventions & Patents

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Getting your idea or invention patented

• "Patent it Yourself" - by David Pressman
• "Inventing and Patenting Sourcebook" - by Richard Levy
•"The Complete Idiot's Guide to Cashing In on Your Inventions" - by Richard Levy

Web sites:
Library of Congress - Info on product patenting

What to remember
• Most ripoff invention services use a three-step program to steal money. They offer a free evaluation of the inventor's product through an 800-number, take $500 or so to fund "research," and later request another $5,000 to $6,000 for more extensive "market research."
• One such company was forced to disclose that less than 1 percent of the ideas people submit ever make it to market.
• Turn to the local bookstore or library for legitimate advice on how to bring inventions to market.
• It's important to create a working prototype of your idea, because companies won't buy ideas from sketches.
• Your best bet is to find an invention broker to propose your idea to a company.
• Non-profit inventors clubs, which can be found in many cities, also are excellent for sharing ideas and providing encouragement.

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Why Entrepreneurs Should Avoid Business Credit Cards

What's the difference between personal credit cards and small business credit cards? One can decimate the revenue of small businesses, while the other offers a great workaround and protections for entrepreneurs. Politicians pay a lot of lip service to small business, but they really stab this economic engine in the ...

The Cheapest Font To Print In Is...

I really hate to waste things. So I was excited when I read a Forbes report about a 14-year-old student who figured out a way to save the government millions of dollars just by changing the typeface on official documents! Suvir Mirchandani discovered that a classic typeface called Garamond could ...

Must see video: The invisible bicycle helmet

Two inventors have done what's been called impossible...they've built an invisible bike helmet. See this amazing device in action: For further reading: A crowdfunded solution to stolen bikes $20 cardboard bicycle coming into mass production

Money to grow your online business

Are you an existing online business looking for money to grow? PayPal may have a solution for you. The e-commerce business is now offering a financing option for its business customers called PayPal Working Capital. There is no credit check done of you or your business. PayPal is instead making ...

Do you have America's next big idea?

What is the next big thing in American industry and public life? Perhaps we should look to China for the answer. China has built the world's most sophisticated network of high-speed trains. You can travel the equivalent of Washington, D.C. to Boston in under 2 hours on their train system. ...

Teens win Google Sci Fair

The next time you've lost faith in the future, just remember the names of 17-year-old Eric Chen, 16-year-old Ann Makosinski, and 15-year-old Viney Kumar. All three are teenagers still in school who the 2013 Google Science Fair. Ann won for developing a flashlight that runs off your body heat instead of ...

Entrepreneur invents tire "snow socks," inspired by mom

Entrepreneur invents tire "snow socks," inspired by mom

Here's some inspiration for entrepreneurs: A man took an idea he learned as a child, from his mom, to create a cheap (and profitable) alternative to snow tires.

Two inventors develop ways to stop robocalls

Serdar Danis and Aaron Foss have won a competition hosted by the Federal Trade Commission that offered a large bounty for solving the robocall problem. Federal agencies get 200,000 complaints a month about robocalls. That’s gigantic. And they haven’t been able to come up with any way to stop the ...

Inspiration for Entrepreneurs: Snow Socks!

As the Northeast and other parts of the country start digging out from the first massive snow storm of the year, this tip could be of help to them! It's amazing to me how entrepreneurial ideas comes from all kinds of places. Here's one about a man who took an ...

The new Apple watch: timepiece + tech

The new Apple watch: timepiece + tech

Tired of fumbling for your phone to check your text messages? Apple's new product will turn an old school clothing accessory into a high-tech wonder.

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