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Incredible Lyft Promotion: Earn $1,000 for Signing Up

The ride-sharing industry is growing incredibly quickly. And the war for market share among the involved companies is great for potential riders and drivers. That war seems to have escalated with Lyft now offering new drivers $1,000 after you sign up to drive for them. Lyft will pay you $1,000 ...

Clark shows off what he calls the "frunk" of his all-electric Tesla -- a trunk where the engine would normally go.

Best Cars of 2015

Every April, Consumer Reports makes a special effort during car buying season to give advice for new and used buyers in their annual auto issue. This year, the overall most reliable brand for new cars is a repeat performer that's near and dear to my heart -- the Tesla S. ...

Get expensive car repairs for free

Get expensive car repairs for free

The secret car makers don't want you to know that could save you serious cash on repairs.

Are Extended Car Warranties Worth It?

Auto repair service plans can be enticing in an era when people are keeping their cars longer. But I say they're a waste of your money. Why extended auto warranties should make you think twice... I saw a recent article in Real Simple magazine about these third-party extended warranties that ...

Alternatives To Costly Car Rental Insurance

Many people only rent cars about twice a year, once during a summer vacation and once during the Christmas holidays. That leaves a lot of unsuspecting motorists open to common rip-off fees that the car-rental agencies like to push. Here are some simple ways to make sure you get cheap ...

Now is the time to buy a hybrid vehicle

Now is the time to buy a hybrid vehicle

Why lower gas prices and rising SUV sales make now the perfect time starting looking at a fuel efficient car.

Best 2015 Cars for Resale Value

Cars are the second biggest expense in most people's lives. But will the car you're buying hold its resale value? Best cars for holding their value over 5 years Kelley Blue Book has published its annual Best Resale Value Awards for 2015 vehicles. When we buy a car, we think ...


Will the Elio Ever See the Light of Day?

Looking for a cheap commuter car? The Elio could be your answer -- if it ever sees the light of day! Elio needs more money I've gotten dozens of calls about a 3-wheel car called the Elio. You have to pay a nominal fee to reserve this car. In fact, ...

New Reasons To Be Careful When Buying a Used Car

If you're buying a used car like most people do, you've got to be aware of some danger spots so you don't end up with a stinker of a ride. Beware of these dangers when buying used I've talked in the past about how we have a scandal in this ...

A Look at the Safest and Deadliest Cars on the Road

When it comes to the best cars for teen drivers, safety is a key concern. But some new info from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has me reversing some of my longstanding advice. I used to say you wanted teen drivers in an underpowered car with a lot ...

570 items
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