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• Don't just drive away from an accident, even a minor fender bender. Call the police and have a report made.

• Exchange information with the other driver. Get the names and telephone numbers of as many witnesses as you can.

• As soon as possible after the accident, report it to your insurance company, even if you don't plan to make a claim. If you believe the other driver was at fault, contact his or her insurance company also.

• If there's a dispute about who's at fault, file the claim with your own company. The two companies will duke it out later over the amount each will pay.

• If your vehicle is going to require some repair, ask for a rental car or reimbursement for a rental car. Insist upon a vehicle that is similar to your vehicle.

• Don't agree to release the body shop or the insurer of final responsibility until you're comfortable that the repairs are complete and the vehicle operates properly.

• If you agree to take your car to an insurer's preferred body shop, insist that the insurer provide a lifetime guarantee on the repairs.

• To ensure the collision work was done correctly, consider hiring an independent company to evaluate the repair.

• If your vehicle is totaled, don't accept your insurance company's first settlement offer. Check or look at a used-car price guide to see what your car was worth.

• If you have a 5-year lease or loan and owe more than the car is worth, ask for "substitution of vehicle," in which the loan or lease remains and the insurer finds you a similar vehicle as a replacement.

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Car Warranty Expired? The Manufacturer May Still Pay for Your Repair

Vehicle recalls get a lot of publicity in the news, but too often people just ignore them in their daily lives. It's estimated only one out of three people will comply once notified of a recall. That's downright dangerous. But in the world of car maintenance, not everything is a ...


Emergency Roadside Assistance App Is an Alternative to AAA

Some 100 million Americans need roadside assistance every year. Now there's an app that connects users with the quickest and cheapest options to have their car towed, have a flat fixed, get a jump, and much more. A new model for emergency roadside assistance I've been a member of AAA ...

Top 10 Cars That Get the Most Tickets

Got a lead foot? You probably won't to be seen in any of these cars, according to a new study from! There's been this longstanding idea that people in red cars are more likely to get a ticket. That may have been true at one time. But today, police ...

Best Cars for Teen Drivers

When it comes to the best cars for teen drivers, safety is a key concern. I used to say you wanted teen drivers in an underpowered car with a lot of metal around them. That traditionally meant a 4-cylinder sedan. But because of tech advances in 4-cylinder engines,  Consumer Reports ...

Hands Free in a Car Has Its Own Dangers

Many states ban the use of a cellphone when you're driving. They want you to do your calls and texts hands free. But it turns out those hands free laws could be more trouble than they're worth. New studies from AAA and the University of Utah find that it can ...

Trade Privacy for Cheaper Car Insurance?

There's a way to save on auto insurance that's gaining popularity, but you'll have to trade your privacy for lower premiums. Trading privacy for savings on auto insurance Under what's generally referred to as the 'pay as you drive' model, auto insurers track your every move using small monitoring devices ...

The Truth About Crash Test Ratings – Are You Putting Yourself in Danger?

In 2012, the latest year fo which data is available, 33,561 people were killed in U.S. car crashes. Surely several thousand others suffered severe, life-changing injuries. I’ve asked thousands of new car shoppers how they chose their vehicle. Almost all said they liked the way it looked and handled, and ...

Easy Way To Stay on Top of Auto Recalls

If you're concerned with auto safety, the government now has a notification e-mail system that will alert you to recalls for your specific make, model, and year of car. Here's a simple way to learn about auto recalls There are recalls of cars all the time. Some serious, like braking ...

Apps That Help Prevent Texting While Driving

Parents of teen drivers have yet more weapons in their arsenal when it comes to keeping their kids safe behind the wheel. I told you recently about a pay service called that disables texting while driving. But at $30, this app is more on the expensive end of the ...

The #1 safety feature in your car

The #1 safety feature in your car

With all the new safety features in cars, there's one that remains the make-or-break feature you need. Make sure you car has this to avoid serious crash injury...

112 items
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