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Car Rentals

• To get the best deal, book a car when you book your flight. Then re-check before you leave to see if there's a cheaper rate. Check car rental Web sites for bargains at both times.

• When you rent a car, don't accept the insurance options the company wants you to buy. Check with your own auto insurance agent to see if you're covered under your policy, or use a premium credit card that offers travel insurance.

• Check the rental car carefully before you leave the rental lot. If you see any damage, have an official of the company note it on the rental contract before you leave.

• If you're planning to go somewhere during peak season, make sure you can find an affordable car before you buy a non-refundalble airline ticket.

• Rent the smallest car available at the cheapest rate. About half the time, the rental company won't have the small car you ordered and will have to give you a larger car at the small-car price.

• Always take the car out with a full tank of gasoline and return it with a full tank.

• If you're renting for five days or more, a weekly rental will provide a large discount.

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How To Avoid Paying $25 for a $1 Toll

Rental car companies who eat you up with fees for using their transponder in states with electronic tolls are facing lawsuits. We all know more and more states have eliminated humans at toll booths and switched to an all-electronic system. But did you know the car rental companies charge you ...

Avoid These Fees If You Want Truly Cheap Car Rentals

Many people only rent cars about twice a year, once during a summer vacation and once during the Christmas holidays. That leaves a lot of unsuspecting motorists open to common rip-off fees that the car-rental agencies like to push. Here are some simple ways to make sure you get cheap ...

How to get the best price on a rental car

How to get the best price on a rental car

Clark has a simple method for assuring the best rate on a rental car. Don't miss out on big savings!

New discount car rental option

New discount car rental option

You may be able to score a car rental for as little as $10 a day in most major vacation areas with this new company.

Car Rental Gotchas Go High Tech

Car rental companies are coming up with a new way to fee you to death over gasoline. Avis is using a new technology that can read the amount of gas in the tank down to tenths of a gallon. If you return it just a hair less than full, they ...

Brock Setmire, a regional marketing director for Hertz Car Rental, said the general trend in demand this year has been larger vehicles.

$10 car rentals from Hertz

Thanks to a new discount brand from Hertz, you may be able to score a car rental for as little as $10 a day! I rent cars up to 40 or 50 times a year, so I'm very interested in a new Hertz sub-brand that I read about in The ...

Hot deals on new and used cars

With the average cost of cars right around $32,000, is it possible to buy one for less? You betcha! Car buyers keep pushing the price of cars up and up and they keep taking out longer and longer car loans. I read a recent report about some loans stretching out ...

How to find a good mechanic

Women are generally quoted higher on car repairs than men, according to a new study out of Northwestern University. It seems old habits die hard. There may have been a time in the past when men generally knew more about the workings of automobiles. But the technology in cars today ...

Visit and listen to the Clark Howard Show for more ways to save money on gas

Ford pays up over inflated fuel economy

Ford 2013 C-Max hybrid crossover owners will receive monetary compensation for the difference between advertised fuel economy numbers and the real fuel economy numbers. In addition, Ford has lowered the fuel economy numbers from a combined 47 mpg to 43 mpg after EPA testing, according to The Detroit News. Some ...

Car share services gain momentum

Car share services gain momentum

Cars can be expensive to own and operate. More and more households are thinning their family fleets by using these budget-friendly alternatives to getting by with less car.

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