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Car Technology

Learn more about GPS, car stereos, HD Radio, CD and MP3 players and other car tech.

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Clark shows off what he calls the "frunk" of his all-electric Tesla -- a trunk where the engine would normally go.

Best Cars of 2015

Every April, Consumer Reports makes a special effort during car buying season to give advice for new and used buyers in their annual auto issue. This year, the overall most reliable brand for new cars is a repeat performer that's near and dear to my heart -- the Tesla S. ...

Best 2015 Cars for Resale Value

Cars are the second biggest expense in most people's lives. But will the car you're buying hold its resale value? Best cars for holding their value over 5 years Kelley Blue Book has published its annual Best Resale Value Awards for 2015 vehicles. When we buy a car, we think ...


New Car Technologies Will Lower Fatalities

Here at CES 2015, it's clear to see there is a change coming in the cars we drive. But the change is not exactly what you might think. The whole self-driving Google car thing is more of a phase-in than an imminent sea change. Car tech of tomorrow will make ...

Driverless cars are ready for the road

Driverless cars are ready for the road

Within 2 years, one major U.S. automaker will be offering completely driverless cars among its other traditional nameplates!

Trade Privacy for Cheaper Car Insurance?

There's a way to save on auto insurance that's gaining popularity, but you'll have to trade your privacy for lower premiums. Trading privacy for savings on auto insurance Under what's generally referred to as the 'pay as you drive' model, auto insurers track your every move using small monitoring devices ...

Why Aren't Hybrid Vehicles Selling?

In 2000, Toyota launched a breakthrough vehicle worldwide that one-upped the century-old method of automotive propulsion. The mid-size Prius hybrid hatchback was the world’s first mass-produced gasoline/electric car. It used both an internal combustion engine and an electric battery to make it go. America falls in love with the hybrid ...

New car technology that saves you gas money

New car technology that saves you gas money

There's a simple way to reduce fuel consumption that more and more traditional gas engine cars are using to save you gas and money. And it's right beneath your feet!

The #1 safety feature in your car

The #1 safety feature in your car

With all the new safety features in cars, there's one that remains the make-or-break feature you need. Make sure you car has this to avoid serious crash injury...

Electric car deals create short supply

After telling you several weeks ago that automakers are rolling out great leasing offers on electric vehicles, I now have a new situation to report: Electric vehicles are in short supply on dealer lots!  Range anxiety had been a big reason why people weren't buying electric cars. That's the fear ...

Why A Diesel Engine Won't Automatically Save You Money

Have you been eyeing a diesel-powered car in the hopes of bringing down the cost of driving?  Have the advertisements promising 45 mpg got you convinced that diesel is the secret to lowering your cost per mile? As enticing as these ads are, there are costs that cloud the waters ...

136 items
Results 1 - 10 of 136next >