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Consumer Issues & ID Theft

One of the things I hope you will learn from my website is empowerment. That includes taking charge of your own money and knowing how to fight for your consumer rights. Learn how to protect yourself and effectively battle bureaucracy.Helpful Guides and Links:
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Easy Way To Stay on Top of Auto Recalls

If you're concerned with auto safety, the government now has a notification e-mail system that will alert you to recalls for your specific make, model, and year of car. Here's a simple way to learn about auto recalls There are recalls of cars all the time. Some serious, like braking ...

How To Complain Online Without Being Sued

  Do you use review sites to make decisions? I do all the time. This wisdom of the crowd is so powerful that some businesses want to strike back when they don't like what you post. The Union Street Guest House in Hudson, New York, is a popular destination for ...

Please sign Clark's Medicare ID Theft petition

Please sign Clark's Medicare ID Theft petition

We need 100,000 people to sign our petition to force the Social Security Administration to find an alternative to using Social Security numbers on Medicare cards.

Russian Hackers Steal 1 Billion Usernames And Passwords

Get ready for another data breach of mind-blowing proportions.   A look at the damage done A Russian criminal ring reportedly has stolen more than 1.2 billion usernames and passwords from around the web, according to a report in The New York Times. The firm that discovered the massive breach ...

More proof why you need to check every bill

More proof why you need to check every bill

Do you check your bill statements, line by line? Here's why you need to do it every time - on every bill. You may be throwing money away.

The Best Banks Are Not Banks At All...

Looking for the best bank in America? Don't look at any of the bigs like Bank of America, Chase, Well Fargo, or Citibank. Credit unions are king I have long believed companies that romance their employees succeed in the marketplace because their workers in turn romance the customer. Now a ...

Know Your Rights With Debt Collectors

The phone rings for the 1,000th time and it's a debt collector again. Do you have any rights? What are they? Before I go any further, I have some exciting news to announce: The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau wants to hear from you about your experiences with debt collectors. They're ...

Petition: Stop Using SS# as Medicare ID

  EDITOR'S NOTE: This petition expired Aug. 27 after failing to meet the signature threshold I have been frustrated about identity theft since the calls about it started coming to me 18 years ago. Unfortunately, things have only gotten more complicated and much worse since 1996. Sign my online petition ...

Frontier Air Captain Buys Pizza For Stranded Passengers

Too often all we hear about are customer no-service stories where companies go out of way their not to serve customers. But right now, I need to tip my hat to Gerhard Brandner, a captain of Frontier Airlines, for an opposite kind of story. Amid ugly storms in the Midwest, ...

Social media new breeding ground for ID Theft

Social media new breeding ground for ID Theft

Gotten any friend requests recently on Facebook? Here's why you might want to think twice before accepting them -- even if you think you know the person.

255 items
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