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Consumer Issues & ID Theft

One of the things I hope you will learn from my website is empowerment. That includes taking charge of your own money and knowing how to fight for your consumer rights. Learn how to protect yourself and effectively battle bureaucracy.Helpful Guides and Links:
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Face-to-face customer service at ATMs, kiosks

Face-to-face customer service at ATMs, kiosks

Customer no-service may soon be a thing of the past thanks to new technology. Look for banks and even their ATMs to do this soon.

Print Media Plagued by Subscription Scams

Time Warner is doing some ugly stuff in the magazine business through a secret subsidiary known as Synapse Group that is ripping people off, according to The New York Times. Heed this warning about magazine subscriptions First a little background here: I subscribe to Fortune, a Time Warner magazine, and ...

Chase Bank Breach Leaves 76 Million Customers Exposed

Another day, another data breach! This time it was Chase Bank that got hit. While there’s no indication that financial account info has been stolen, Russian hackers reportedly made off with a treasure trove of other info on millions of people. Among the info floating around out there are the ...

Protect against retail data breaches

Protect against retail data breaches

From Target to Home Depot, the data breaches keep on coming. Clark advises this one key move at the checkout to protect yourself.

6 Things You Need To Know After Any Retailer Data Breach

It's the latest in a string of high-profile breaches that has included Target, the Heartbleed breach, eBay, and the Russian hackers getting 1.2 billion usernames and passwords. And now, in the midst of a severe case of "breach fatigue," we're getting word of the Home Depot data breach. This one ...

How To Complain Online Without Being Sued

  Do you use review sites to make decisions? I do all the time. This wisdom of the crowd is so powerful that some businesses want to strike back when they don't like what you post. The Union Street Guest House in Hudson, New York, is a popular destination for ...

Don't Give Your Social Security Number at These Places

When should you give your Social Security number and when should you not? My rule on giving out my Social Security number is that I don't do it, unless I know it's absolutely, positively required for what I'm doing. Companies and institutions ask for our Social Security numbers like they're ...

How to protect yourself from data breaches

How to protect yourself from data breaches

With all the data breaches of late, "data breach fatigue" has set in. But don't get numb to it all. Here are the 3 most important things to do to protect yourself.

Easy Way To Stay on Top of Auto Recalls

If you're concerned with auto safety, the government now has a notification e-mail system that will alert you to recalls for your specific make, model, and year of car. Here's a simple way to learn about auto recalls There are recalls of cars all the time. Some serious, like braking ...

Please sign Clark's Medicare ID Theft petition

Please sign Clark's Medicare ID Theft petition

We need 100,000 people to sign our petition to force the Social Security Administration to find an alternative to using Social Security numbers on Medicare cards.

260 items
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