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Computer Scams & ID Theft

One of the things I hope you will learn from my website is empowerment. That includes taking charge of your own money and knowing how to fight for your consumer rights. Learn how to protect yourself and effectively battle bureaucracy.

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Why credit repair companies are a ripoff

Why credit repair companies are a ripoff

Some companies claim they can help you clean up your bad credit. Why it's a ripoff and how you can avoid it.

Why You Need To Turn Paper Statements Back On

Another day, another report about major security breaches! I read recently about a ring of hackers figured out how to break into the big banks' back office system in the fall of 2013. To this point, at least $1 billion has been stolen. And that's the floor, not the ceiling, ...


Visa, MasterCard Seek New Methods of Authentication

The future of credit card anti-fraud technology is here...and it looks a lot like something out of Minority Report! Credit card cartels reaching for new authentication methods Over the next few weeks, your Visa issuer may ask you if its OK for them to track the location of your cellphone. ...


Ransomware: Holding Your Computer Hostage for Money

The worst ransomware to date is freezing up computers until consumers pay scammers hundreds of dollars to supposedly implement a fix. Beware of this ransomware virus Crypto-Locker is apparently making the rounds and encrypting all the files on your computer hostage until you pay criminals $300 for them to unlock ...

Is Your Password Easy To Hack?

Do I have a special warning for you about your passwords that is going to unsettle you. But don't worry, there's also a simple solution you can put in place too! Make your password hard to hack with one additional keystroke reports criminals have gotten so good at cracking ...

Sample Letter To Request a Credit Freeze

This form can be used to request a credit freeze with any or all of the credit bureaus. To be safe, send your letters certified mail -- return receipt requested. Keep a copy of your letter and attach the return receipt to it when it comes back to you in ...

Protect your iPhone against this new virus

Protect your iPhone against this new virus

For the first time ever there is a significant virus that is stealing data from iPhones. Here’s how it works, and how to keep your phone from getting infected.


The #1 Insurance Policy Small Businesses Need But Don't Know About

If you have a small business, there's a new insurance policy I recommend to protect you in the event of a data breach. Why small businesses need breach insurance We hear so much about the big companies in the news with data breaches -- Sony, Target, Home Depot -- but ...

Protect against retail data breach this holiday

Protect against retail data breach this holiday

Despite all the retail computer breaches, a survey shows that isn't going to stop holiday shoppers this year. How to protect your information from getting stolen this holiday season.

Debt collectors illegally harrassing seniors

Debt collectors illegally harrassing seniors

A new study shows debt collectors are more often using illegal tactics when they harass senior citizens. Here are the lies they are telling, and what your rights are when they call you.

143 items
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