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Identity Theft

Some tips for avoiding identity theft:  
• Don't carry a checkbook. Pay by cash or credit card.  
• Don't carry your Social Security card with you or use your Social Security number as your driver's license number.  
• If you're a victim of identity theft, get a police report from your local police department, ask each of the three credit bureaus to place a fraud alert on your credit report, and fill out affidavits of fraud with each company that issued credit in your name. Keep these documents forever.  

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Protect against rampant tax ID theft

Protect against rampant tax ID theft

The IRS continues to foul up efforts to protect you from tax ID theft. Here's what you need to do to protect yourself.

Lifelock And eBay Are Latest Targets of Hackers

It's been another busy day in the world of data breaches. The latest companies to fall prey to hackers include Lifelock and eBay. Hackers target Lifelock In what seems like a great irony, Lifelock has had to pull its mobile app from the App Store and Google Play over what ...

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Ransomware: Holding Your Computer Hostage for Money

The worst ransomware to date is freezing up computers until consumers pay scammers hundreds of dollars to supposedly implement a fix. Crypto-Locker is apparently making the rounds and encrypting all the files on your computer hostage until you pay criminals $300 for them to unlock your files, according to The ...

The #1 Way To Prevent Identity Theft at Medical Offices

Identity theft at doctor's offices, hospitals, and other medical providers is booming. But there is a way to protect yourself… The Identity Theft Resource Center reports almost half of all identity theft now is happening at medical providers like the ones just mentioned. There are many reasons why medical identity ...

Don't Give Your Social Security Number At These Places

When should you give your Social Security number and when should you not? My rule on giving out my Social Security number is that I don't do it, unless I know it's absolutely, positively required for what I'm doing. Companies and institutions ask for our Social Security numbers like they're ...

How To Protect Yourself After the Michaels Breach

Prepare to be underwhelmed by the numbers of the latest data breach. After last year's Target breach that impacted 110 million people, there's news of a data breach at craft retailer Michaels...and it involves about 3 million customers. That's like child's play in light of Target, right? Of course, I'm ...

New Data Breach May Impact 200 Million Americans

It's a data breach that threatens to be twice as large as the Target breach late last year…and you probably haven't heard about it yet. I've been getting a lot of questions posted on my website and from my callers asking about a data breach that came to light during ...

Punishment for data breaches at banks

Not a day goes by that we don't have another announcement about some kind of banking or data breach. The sad fact is that we are the last nation on earth that does *not* have a secure payment system in place. Unfortunately, there are no consequences to our banks being ...

A way to avoid pre-approved credit card fraud

A way to avoid pre-approved credit card fraud

Here's a fast and easy way to opt out of pre-approved credit offers to lessen the chances of a criminal applying for credit in your name.

Reduce data breach repercussions with this tip

Reduce data breach repercussions with this tip

Data breaches are rampant now. Here's one very important thing everyone needs to do right now to safeguard your finances and identity.

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