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Protecting Your Privacy

Protecting your privacy today can be a full-time job. I'll give you tips on keeping your information private, including how to to remove yourself from the Google database. Helpful Guides and Links:
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Chase Bank Breach Leaves 76 Million Customers Exposed

Another day, another data breach! This time it was Chase Bank that got hit. While there’s no indication that financial account info has been stolen, Russian hackers reportedly made off with a treasure trove of other info on millions of people. Among the info floating around out there are the ...

Protect against retail data breaches

Protect against retail data breaches

From Target to Home Depot, the data breaches keep on coming. Clark advises this one key move at the checkout to protect yourself.

How to protect yourself from data breaches

How to protect yourself from data breaches

With all the data breaches of late, "data breach fatigue" has set in. But don't get numb to it all. Here are the 3 most important things to do to protect yourself.

Kill Switch Technology Coming to Android

With smartphone theft the No. 1 crime in many metro areas, Apple has defied wireless operators and mobile manufacturers to do the right thing for consumers. Apple's iOS 7 offers kill switch-like technology that thwarts smartphone thieves Along with the introduction of iOS 7, Apple rolled out a software update ...

Facebook Messenger App Permissions: Friend or Foe?

If you're all worked up over app permissions for Facebook Messenger, time to take a deep breath and relax! There's been big news of late about Facebook forcing users to download a separate app for mobile messaging. And a lot of misinformation has being shared about it via articles and ...

Russian Hackers Steal 1 Billion Usernames And Passwords

Get ready for another data breach of mind-blowing proportions.   A look at the damage done A Russian criminal ring reportedly has stolen more than 1.2 billion usernames and passwords from around the web, according to a report in The New York Times. The firm that discovered the massive breach ...

Could You Pass A Social Media Background Check?

We all know that employers like to pull the credit of job applicants, check references and maybe even run a criminal background check or a personality test. But did you know some employers are vetting job candidates based on their social media profile? New guidelines for passing the social media ...

Petition: Stop Using SS# as Medicare ID

  EDITOR'S NOTE: This petition expired Aug. 27 after failing to meet the signature threshold I have been frustrated about identity theft since the calls about it started coming to me 18 years ago. Unfortunately, things have only gotten more complicated and much worse since 1996. Sign my online petition ...

Is Your Doctor Spying On Your Eating And Other Habits?

Some medical providers are now spying on how many burgers you have, how often you order a pizza, when you have a beer, and when you sneak a smoke. They're blurring the Big Brother line in doing so, but they could also be saving your life. Carolinas HealthCare is one ...

Facebook Privacy Policy Changes To Benefit Users

Facebook is about to offer users a more hands-on way to manage their privacy on the 1.28 billion person social network. Here's a look at how the new Facebook privacy policy will impact users According to a recent post on its blog, Facebook will default all new user accounts to ...

164 items
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