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Protecting Your Privacy

Protecting your privacy today can be a full-time job. I'll give you tips on keeping your information private, including how to to remove yourself from the Google database. Helpful Guides and Links:
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PETITION: Sign This To Stop Using Social Security Numbers As Medicare ID

I have been frustrated about identity theft since the calls about it started coming to me 18 years ago. Unfortunately, things have only gotten more complicated and much worse since 1996. Sign my online petition and join the movement Of course, over time there have been glimmers of hope. For ...

Is Your Doctor Spying On Your Eating And Other Habits?

Some medical providers are now spying on how many burgers you have, how often you order a pizza, when you have a beer, and when you sneak a smoke. They're blurring the Big Brother line in doing so, but they could also be saving your life. Carolinas HealthCare is one ...

Facebook Privacy Policy Changes To Benefit Users

Facebook is about to offer users a more hands-on way to manage their privacy on the 1.28 billion person social network. Here's a look at how the new Facebook privacy policy will impact users According to a recent post on its blog, Facebook will default all new user accounts to ...

Kill Switch Technology Coming To Android

With smartphone theft the No. 1 crime in many metro areas, Apple has defied wireless operators and mobile manufacturers to do the right thing for consumers. Apple's iOS 7 offers kill switch-like technology that thwarts smartphone thieves Along with the introduction of iOS 7, Apple rolled out a software update ...

Making Internet Privacy Easy

Are you concerned with all the discussion about online tracking by the government and private industry? There are some simple steps you can take to limit it. The use of cookies to track your web browsing and serve up relevant ads is one of the easiest things to stop. For ...

How To Turn Off Appleā€™s Frequent Locations Tracking

If you’re unhappy with all the tracking Apple does on you, there’s now something you can do about it. There had been rumors that iOS 7 would have special spy capabilities in it. I dismissed the reports at first, but the tech blogs have been blowing up with info about ...

Lifelock And eBay Are Latest Targets of Hackers

It's been another busy day in the world of data breaches. The latest companies to fall prey to hackers include Lifelock and eBay. Hackers target Lifelock In what seems like a great irony, Lifelock has had to pull its mobile app from the App Store and Google Play over what ...

How To Fix Smartphones Infected With Ransomware

Android smartphones are the target of an ugly fast moving scam working its way around the country that could cost you $300. The Cleveland Plain Dealer  reports there are viruses being loaded on your smartphone that will hold you for ransom. It's similar to what we went through with computers ...

How To Protect Yourself After the Michaels Breach

Prepare to be underwhelmed by the numbers of the latest data breach. After last year's Target breach that impacted 110 million people, there's news of a data breach at craft retailer Michaels...and it involves about 3 million customers. That's like child's play in light of Target, right? Of course, I'm ...

Should You Get A New Computer If You're Running Windows XP?

Now that Microsoft has put the kibosh on support for Windows XP, I'm advising people to ditch their old desktops or laptop computers that run this antiquated operating system. After 12 years, Microsoft support for Windows XP officially ended on April 8. That means Microsoft is no longer providing security ...

159 items
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