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Protecting Your Privacy

Protecting your privacy today can be a full-time job. I'll give you tips on keeping your information private, including how to to remove yourself from the Google database. Helpful Guides and Links:
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Is Your Password Easy To Hack?

Do I have a special warning for you about your passwords that is going to unsettle you. But don't worry, there's also a simple solution you can put in place too! Make your password hard to hack with one additional keystroke reports criminals have gotten so good at cracking ...


Drones Are Ready for Prime Time

I had a close encounter with a drone yesterday. While shooting a TV segment at CES 2015, a drone pilot was having fun buzzing my head from his smartphone in the middle of a live shot! Last year, the drones were aspirational, more like toys. This year, it’s a different ...


Social Media Snafus Can Kill Your College Application

Kids are young, adventurous, and clueless by nature. Now they're running around taking outrageous pictures and video on mobile devices. But on reflection, a lot of that media looks like a really bad idea. What we've heard again and again is that kids have a college application declined because of ...

How to wipe your phone clean before upgrading

How to wipe your phone clean before upgrading

Your personal information and private photos could end up in the wrong hands if you sell your smart phone and don't erase it completely.


How To Opt Out of Verizon's Super Cookie Tracking

Verizon has an opt-out policy that you can activate by logging into your account’s privacy settings on the Web or by using the My Verizon app on some phones. Visit: Alternatively you can call 866-211-0874 to opt out. Courtesy:


Robocalls Annoy You? Here's How One Man Got $22,500 for His Inconvenience

Feeling frustrated by robocalls on your cellphone? Imagine being able to make the company behind the automatic dialing pay you $500 or more per call! One man did it and here's his story.   Dish Network fined over robocalling Chester Moore of West Virginia was never a Dish Network customer. ...

Chase Bank Breach Leaves 76 Million Customers Exposed

Another day, another data breach! This time it was Chase Bank that got hit. While there’s no indication that financial account info has been stolen, Russian hackers reportedly made off with a treasure trove of other info on millions of people. Among the info floating around out there are the ...

Protect against retail data breaches

Protect against retail data breaches

From Target to Home Depot, the data breaches keep on coming. Clark advises this one key move at the checkout to protect yourself.

How to protect yourself from data breaches

How to protect yourself from data breaches

With all the data breaches of late, "data breach fatigue" has set in. But don't get numb to it all. Here are the 3 most important things to do to protect yourself.

Kill Switch Technology Coming to Android

With smartphone theft the No. 1 crime in many metro areas, Apple has defied wireless operators and mobile manufacturers to do the right thing for consumers. Apple's iOS 7 offers kill switch-like technology that thwarts smartphone thieves Along with the introduction of iOS 7, Apple rolled out a software update ...

169 items
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