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The competition in the marketplace for your dollar is fiercer than ever, as Americans have tightened their purse strings in the wake of the Great Recession. Getting you to pry open that wallet requires a lot of what retailers call "promotional pricing." Stay up to date with the latest on these amazing deals straight from Clark!

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Like Verizon network, but want a cheaper plan?

Like Verizon network, but want a cheaper plan?

Verizon is offering cheaper cell phone packages than ever before, just not under the Verizon name. If you love Verizon but want a cheaper rate, this plan might be for you.

Could a Generic Drug Ever Be Unsafe for You?

Generic drugs now account for well over 80% of all prescriptions. Just 10 years ago, less than half of drugs sold were generics. Much of the growth is because employers make generics extra-affordable through mail order programs (pharmacy benefits managers). Then you also have the grocery stores and big box ...

New $30 a Month Deal from Metro PCS

Not a week goes by without another price cut in the cellphone world! Here's the latest one... T-Mobile lower prices through discount brand After announcing price cuts for small business last week, T-Mobile today has a new deal from Metro PCS -- a wholly owned subsidiary that runs on the ...


Check Out This Hot 2-in-1 Tablet for Under $200

Looking for an affordable tablet that offers the perfect blend of productivity and mobility? Walmart may have the answer for you. Check out this hot tablet Even though tablets are generally unloved in the marketplace, Walmart has gotten big time into selling them. One of their hottest sellers now is ...


How To Save 80% on Small Business Cell Service

If you're a small business, T-Mobile has a great deal on cellphone service that can help you reduce what you pay each month. T-Mobile's deal for small business In the last year and a half, I've told you about a constant parade of deals on cellphone service for individuals and ...


The Cheapest Luxury Toilet Paper Brand Is...

Would you spend more money for luxury toilet paper? Or is the very idea of "luxury toilet paper" the epitome of flushing money down the drain to you?  Luxury toilet papers are booming I told you recently how toilet paper rolls are shrinking right before our eyes. It's gotten to ...

Online retailers cheaper than Amazon right now

Online retailers cheaper than Amazon right now

There's an all-out war going on for your money in the online retail world. Take advantage of it, and find the best deals.


Apple Vs. The Cable and Satellite Monsters!

After years of trying to get in the TV game, Apple is getting closer to going all in on a television service that will give consumers a cheaper alternative to cable and satellite providers.  Apple to challenge cable and satellite incumbents Apple's forthcoming over-the-top TV service is rumored to price ...


Low-Cost, No-Fee Senior Medical Alert Devices

Emergency help for seniors who are away from home is now available at the touch of a button. I want to share details about a $15/month subscription service. Check out this cheap medical alert systems for seniors We're all familiar with that commercial that goes, "Help, I've fallen and I ...


Cheap Options for Non-Contract Phones

Ready to go non-contract on cell service...but feeling sticker shocked by the prices on new phones? I've got some Clark Smart choices you need to know about. Check out these budget choices for non-contract phones If you were to buy a new iPhone 6, you'd pay $650 for the basic ...

665 items
Results 1 - 10 of 665next >