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The competition in the marketplace for your dollar is fiercer than ever, as Americans have tightened their purse strings in the wake of the Great Recession. Getting you to pry open that wallet requires a lot of what retailers call "promotional pricing." Stay up to date with the latest on these amazing deals straight from Clark!

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Why Malt O Meal Is Not Among The Cheapest Cereal Brands

When it comes to saving money, every penny counts. There are a plethora of different ways in which families can save money on their groceries, but sometimes the myths and assumptions about food pricing, especially when it comes to brand names and organics, can actually deter shoppers away from some ...

4 Gas Credit Cards To Combat Rising Gas Prices

According to AAA, as of July 2014, the national average for regular unleaded gasoline is 14 cents higher than it was a year ago, making it the highest summer average in the last six years. But you probably don't need a statistic to know that! You see it at the ...

4 Items To Always Buy Used

Buying second hand has become a first choice for saving money, either out of necessity for people or because they're thrifty. But second hand doesn't have to necessarily mean rummaging around a musty old thrift store. Here are 4 items you can shop for used online from the comfort of ...

T-Mobile offering unlimited free music

T-Mobile offering unlimited free music

If music on the go is your thing, T-Mobile is a cell provider to look at. Clark explains how the mobile carrier is bring the music to the people.

Channel Master Offers DVR Without Subscription

How much are you paying each month for your TiVo? There's a new competitor that has no monthly fee and lets you record your favorite shows in HD! I have never used a TiVo-branded DVR even though I'm all about getting TV over the air instead of through pay TV ...

Walmart Vs. The Dollar Stores: Who Is Cheapest?

Mirror, mirror, on the wall…who's the cheapest of them all? A new head-to-head comparison of Walmart, Family Dollar, and Dollar General says Wally World is 6.6% cheaper than either of the dollar stores in the food category. The price research done by investment firm Sterne, Agee & Leach found Walmart ...

Major retailer offers 15 cents off gas

Major retailer offers 15 cents off gas

If you are looking to save money on gas, a big offer available in nearly 20 statescould save you up to 15 cents a gallon.

Free iPhone 5s Trial From T-Mobile

T-Mobile has faced challenges trying to attract customers from AT&T and Verizon. So now they’ve hit on a new strategy: Giving free iPhones for 1 week so potential customers can take their network on a test drive! The self-proclaimed “Un-carrier” did away with contracts back in 2013. But they’ve been ...

The 7 Best Travel Reward Cards

Looking for the best travel reward cards? I want to share results of a new NextAdvisor study that names cards offering the best dollar value per point or mile. Barclayscard Arrival World MasterCard with double points (Earn $2 for a flight or hotel for every $100 spent) Capital One Venture ...

How Much Is That Home Printer Actually Costing You?

For almost as long as there have been home computers there has been the belief that you needed a printer to go along with it. But let’s rethink that idea—do you really need a printer at home? Everybody’s situation is a little different, so maybe you need to print stuff ...

562 items
Results 1 - 10 of 562next >