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The competition in the marketplace for your dollar is fiercer than ever, as Americans have tightened their purse strings in the wake of the Great Recession. Getting you to pry open that wallet requires a lot of what retailers call "promotional pricing." Stay up to date with the latest on these amazing deals straight from Clark!

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Browser add-on automatically adds coupon discounts

Browser add-on automatically adds coupon discounts

Frustrated by coupon codes that don't work when you checkout? Now there's a browser plug-in that looks for relevant coupons and plugs them in for you.

Best Time and Website for Buying Airline Tickets

Every day I'm asked, "What's the best time to buy an airline ticket, and what's the best website to do it on?" I've got some new answers to share with you. The Airline Reporting Corporation (ARC), which is like the back office of ticket selling for the nation's airlines, has ...

10 Healthy Halloween Treats That Will Save You Money

It’s an unfortunate truth universally acknowledged that a child in costume must be in want of sugary treats every Halloween. Yet as being health consciousness continues to grow, more of us are looking for healthier alternatives to the sugar-induced comas that go hand-in-hand with Halloween each year. Sadly, most people ...

Does Aldi Save You as Much Money as They Claim?

When it comes to grocery shopping, is Aldi really as cheap as they claim to be? I recently received this advertisement (see picture) in the mail from Aldi grocery stores, which showed a sample basket of goods purchased both at Aldi and at another grocery store. The claim made is ...

Coupon Code Savings Minus the False Leads

Feeling frustrated by coupon code sites that give you false leads? There's a new way to save money when you're shopping online that involves no work at all! The easiest way to find coupon codes There is a browser extension called Coupons at Checkout that is compatible with PC and ...

Subscribing to HBO -- Without the Cable Bill!

More and more content providers are separating themselves from the cable monster, which means you'll soon be able to pay for only the channels you want without an overpriced cable bill. HBO to offer standalone streaming service Yesterday I mentioned HBO is unbundling from the cable monster. Starting early next ...

Smartphone Service Starting at $10 a Month

Here's an early Christmas present: I've got a great money saver for your monthly cell phone bill! Republic Wireless, which offers the best cell phone deal in America, started selling the Moto e today for $99 with no contract. This is a mid-range Android with a 4.3" screen. But that's ...

Easy way to compare insurance rates

Easy way to compare insurance rates

This website makes it so easy to shop for all kinds of insurance. Rate comparisons are emailed to you, and best of all…no pushy agents!

Winter Airfare Sale Starting at $49 OW

Get ready to pack your carry-on bag! There's a new airfare sale that will have you planning a winter getaway with tickets this cheap. But act have to book by midnight this Thursday, Oct. 16! Winter airfare sale announced This sale is set up by zones:     $49 one-way ...

Free HR and Payroll Software for Small Businesses

If you're an entrepreneur or run a small business, you know you have a lot to think about. Fortunately, there are a couple of free solutions that could let you put payroll and human resources on auto-pilot. Zenefits offers free HR software Is compliance with federal regulation hampering your ability ...

597 items
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