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Clark's Bargains

Being cheap means finding deals wherever you look. Yet a deal isn't necessarily about being cheap. A bargain could be a $3 sweatshirt, but it could also be a $500 roundtrip plane fare to Tokyo or a great rate at a 4-star hotel here at home. Get tips on how to find the best deals in your life, no matter if you're a real penny-pincher or you have a ton of extra cash to spend.

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Cheaper TV from Over the Top Online Video Services

We have been in an ugly hammerlock for years and years with cable monopolies cramming pay TV packages down our throats. Yet the technology has existed to deliver that programming in a completely different way. You may already know that a lot of cable monopolies allow you to watch their ...

Frontier Air's $29 One-Way Fares

***THIS IS A ONE-DAY ONLY SALE*** Looking for a hot travel deal? Frontier Air is offering fares of $29 one-way out of Chicago to Atlanta, Cleveland, Denver, Washington (Dulles), Orlando, Phoenix, and Salt Lake City. This deal is for travel now through Jan. 28, 2015, with select blackout dates around ...

Heavy readers: Save big on books

Heavy readers: Save big on books

Imagine a Netflix for e-books where you can binge read as many hot titles as you want. A couple of companies offer it for under $10/month.

Get a Costco Membership at a Discount

  ***ATTENTION: OFFER VALID FOR NEW MEMBERS ONLY*** Everybody knows I love shopping at Costco Wholesale. And right now, I have a sizzling deal for you on a 1-year membership for NEW customers only! is offering a Gold Star membership, plus a bonus cash card, coupons, and a ton ...

Buying a Car at Auction -- Life With a $5,000 Vehicle

As I reported a few weeks ago, I bought a 2005 Volvo wagon at public auction for under my budget of $5,000.  That’s a pretty darn good buy one would think, but I wasn't going to rely on my opinion only so the first stop was at a trusted mechanic. ...

CHART: Historic Pricing Cuts in Cellphone World

Week after week, we continue witnessing historic pricing drops in the cellphone world. I'm making it my mission to keep you up to date on the best individual plans and the best family plans. The days of signing a contract with a wireless provider for 2 years in return for ...


Three of the nation's Big 4 cellphone carriers have announced rate cuts, and they represent the most historic pricing drop in almost 20 years! Here's your guide to saving money on wireless service. Huge new rate cuts from 3 of the Big 4  T-Mobile changed the market for the big ...

Free Ways To Stretch Your Phone's Battery Life

If you're in the smartphone orbit, you know that you're always fighting the life of the battery. That's prompted Apple to issue battery replacements for some iPhone 5 customers who have reported shorter battery life or the need for frequent recharging. "The affected iPhone 5 devices were sold between September ...

The Cheapest Cell Phone Plan Worth Having

Looking to slash the expenses in your budget, but feel as though you’ve run out of costs to cut? You can score big savings by switching expensive services and products for inexpensive alternatives. For example, you may cancel your $100-per-month membership at the new, big, fancy gym complex and opt ...

Get NFL Sunday Ticket without Direct TV

Get NFL Sunday Ticket without Direct TV

Attention, football nuts! You may be able to get the NFL Sunday Ticket -- every game, every city, all across America -- for just $199 a season.

459 items
Results 1 - 10 of 459next >