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Clark's Bargains

Being cheap means finding deals wherever you look. Yet a deal isn't necessarily about being cheap. A bargain could be a $3 sweatshirt, but it could also be a $500 roundtrip plane fare to Tokyo or a great rate at a 4-star hotel here at home. Get tips on how to find the best deals in your life, no matter if you're a real penny-pincher or you have a ton of extra cash to spend.

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Get the Most Money for Your Old Phone

Did you upgrade to the latest, greatest smartphone recently? I want you to be sure you're getting top dollar for your gently used old one! We’re in the time of year that so many 2-year contracts are expiring and there’s a big push from the wireless carriers to get you ...


Best Cell Phone Carriers

Cell phone plans are dropping like a rock in cost. I recently heard the Verizon CEO whining about how all the new deals in the marketplace are making it tough for Verizon to keep customers. Then he made a snide remark about how all that matters is the network, and ...

Virgin Mobile Readies "Data Done Right"

Virgin Mobile USA has been a consumer champion in the no-contract wireless industry since 2002. Now the wireless company is teaming up with Walmart to offer a contract-free data-sharing plan called "Data Done Right." The plans will start at $30 per line. But the real clincher, I think, is the ...

Sell Your Unwanted Gift Cards Online

Did you receive gift cards you don't want this past holiday season? Here are 5 ways you can turn them into cash. Gift cards are extremely popular this time of year to get and give as gifts. But often, you don't really like the restaurant or retailer somebody else gave ...


3 Credit Cards With Balance Transfer Offers of $0

Are you wheezing on holiday credit card debt? A credit card with the right balance transfer offer can help you get out from underneath that mountain. It's easy to find credit cards that will let you transfer a balance at 0% APR for a certain number of months . . ...


Steal a Deal to Northern Europe and Scandinavia

If you are going to Europe, the question of when to book is important, but not nearly as much as the question of what city you depart from. I've long recommended buying one ticket to a key bargain city and then going overseas from that city. Cheap ways to get ...

Get cash for your unwanted gift cards

Get cash for your unwanted gift cards

There are websites that will let you cash in those unwanted gift cards you received over the holiday season.

Clark Smart Gift Returns

Clark Smart Gift Returns

Some stores are charging customers fees for returning gifts this holiday season. How to avoid the fees and get the best value on your gift exchange.

HDTV Prices Dropping Ahead of 4K TV Onslaught

Over the next few weeks, you’re going to see some great deals on HDTVs. The reason? No, it's not the lead up to SuperBowl XLIX! It's because the next generation of 4K TVs are getting ready to dominate the retail space. I've seen the onslaught of 4K TVs at CES ...

Dish Nixes Need for Cable or Satellite...and Offers ESPN!

More and more content providers are separating themselves from the cable monster, which means you'll soon be able to pay for only the channels you want without an overpriced cable bill. Dish to offer standalone streaming service with ESPN Just announced at CES 2015, Dish is readying a new streaming ...

500 items
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