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College education without big bills

College education without big bills

There are significant monetary and educational advantages with community college--even if you want to graduate from a big university in the end. Clark explains.


BREAKING NEWS -- No Taxes on 529 Plans!

UPDATE: One week after the idea of taxing 529 plans was proposed in President Obama's State of the Union address, the White House has pulled the plug on this controversial idea after bipartisan public outcry. Read my initial reaction to the plan below... Now that the president has given his ...

Clark's guide to saving for college

Clark's guide to saving for college

Saving for your child’s college education can also save you on your tax return. Which types of plans you should look for, and which ones to stay away from.

How social media life can affect your work life

How social media life can affect your work life

High school seniors are becoming more aware of how their social media presence could affect them getting into college.

A simple strategy to control student loan debt

A simple strategy to control student loan debt

Student loan debt is having a big impact on the housing market and slowing economic recovery. Here's a strategy to keep your student loan debt manageable.


Private Student Loan Lenders Get Flexible With Repayment

Two of the biggest private student loan lenders are getting more flexible with borrowers in distress. Wells Fargo and Discover are both starting to work with borrowers who have had life circumstances and suddenly can't make payments. Both are phasing in new programs for those who are 3 to 4 ...


Top 10 Hot Jobs and Top 20 Best-Paying College Majors

So many people have been unemployed or underemployed over the last 7 years. At a time when it seems the doors are closed, where is the opportunity? I've talked pretty extensively in the past about the geography of opportunity. Thanks to an energy boom, the prospects for employment are rosy ...


Reduce College Costs With 3-Year Degrees

When we think of college, we typically think of a traditional 4-year experience or even longer. But by cramming an education into 3 years, you can actually save a bundle by eliminating the cost of housing, meals, and transportation for a fourth year. How much can you save with a ...


Military Warned To Stay Away From For-Profit Colleges

Military personnel seeking a college education after they serve their country are getting ripped off by recruiters at for-profits colleges. While there are new rules in place to protect them, I'm recommending you take one additional step to safeguard yourself or your loved one in the military. Beware of for-profit ...

Save Money on Your College Degree

Getting a college degree doesn't have to break the bank. Here's a new way for you to cut the cost in half and still get the degree you want from a traditional 4-year college. First off though, there's been a lot of negative press about the value of a college ...

123 items
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