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Military Benefits

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Best Credit Cards for Military Members

Looking for the best credit cards for military personnel? I've got new info to share with you. The best credit cards for military personnel Pentagon Federal Credit Union has just launched the PenFed Defender American Express Card with no annual fee and 1.5% cash back on all purchases. If you ...


Military Warned To Stay Away From For-Profit Colleges

Military personnel seeking a college education after they serve their country are getting ripped off by recruiters at for-profits colleges. While there are new rules in place to protect them, I'm recommending you take one additional step to safeguard yourself or your loved one in the military. Beware of for-profit ...

Let Congress Know You Want Veteran's Benefits Upheld

I have been gravely upset about veterans or their family members being unable to get timely medical care -- or any medical care at all -- from the VA system. In America, the number of people connected to the military has shrunk over time. When you think about Iraq and ...

Free background checks

Have you seen what's out there on the Internet about you? I've got some free ways for you to get it done. We're in an era when many online databases are publicly available. But the info that's available could be totally inaccurate. Take my wife as an example. When you ...

6 affordable ways to honor a veteran

As we prepare to celebrate Veterans' Day on Nov. 11, the sacrifices our soldiers, veterans, and their families make will surely be on our minds. This holiday is a time to reflect on the little things we can do to show our appreciation for what it means to have served. ...

Join the Georgia State Defense Force!

What is the State Defense Force? The Georgia State Defense Force (GSDF) is the all-volunteer, uniformed, unpaid branch of the Georgia Department of Defense, which includes the Army and Air National Guard. The State Defense Force allows veterans and those who have never served in the armed forces the opportunity ...

Save money on Disney

When it's time to don the Mouse ears, military members have special ways to save on Disney vacations. is a special program offered for military personnel and families in partnership with Disney. Discounted lodging at parks starts at $95 a night. Other discounts on park admission, dining, and transportation ... and The Clark Howard Show offer more advice for members of our nation's armed forces.

Special help for military-owned businesses

I am so grateful to the brave men and women who served in the U.S. military as we fought two wars last decade. So often you come back, you leave the military and you get all the applause and congratulations…and that's it. Well, that's not enough. There's now a special ...

SBA helping veterans start businesses

SBA helping veterans start businesses

Veterans have access to new assistance and funding to start their own business after returning from service.

Air Force Airman Marcus G. Lugrand

Expired coupons help troops

We have some amazing people in the DealPro network. From the blogger that's a total thrift store fashionista, to the somewhat "extreme" couponer - there's one thing in common with all of our DealPros: they all care about others and want to give back in any way possible!  As ...

24 items
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