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Finding a job that is satisfying and pays well can be difficult in today's corporate culture. Clark gives you sage advice on the job market, scams to avoid and news about trends happening on the job. Helpful Guides and Links:
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Why Credit Protection Insurance Is A Rip-Off

Banks, credit card companies and really any company in the financial services industry are trying to steal your money right now by getting you to sign up for credit protection plans. The basic pitch here is that your lender will take care of your minimum payments in the event you ...

State offers free job training internships

State offers free job training internships

High paying jobs are going unfilled because employers can't find skilled workers. But one state has a solution. Here's a look at the future of free college education for high school grads…

4 Online Survey Sites/Focus Groups That Pay

I'm asked continually if people can really make huge money in their spare time by taking surveys online. The answer is overwhelmingly "no," but there are a few possible exceptions. The reality is that almost every single solicitation you see in your inbox or on a banner ad on a ...

Networking remains the key to getting a job offer

People looking for work right now are having a terrible time and it's been particularly brutal for last year's college graduating class. So how should you be looking for a job? LinkedIn has had a resurgence in popularity for networking. People are now even using the site to host videos ...

Work from home guide

Legitimate Work-From-Home Opportunities  With the dramatic changes in the employment landscape in recent years, more people are looking to work from home and find freelance work. The problem is that there are many ripoff work-from-home outfits that claim to find you jobs for an upfront fee. They're just trying to ...

Boomerang kids at highest level in 40 years

  Demographers tell us that boomerang kids -- adult children who move back home after getting out of school or because they can't find work -- are at the highest numbers in U.S. history going back 40 years. More than one third of young adults are now living back at ...

Businesses that help resume cheats

If you're in charge of finding new hires for your company, boy, do I have a story for you! MSN Money reports there are now a growing number of organizations who will vouch for job applicants and potential tenants by providing fake references and basically making up favorable lies about ...

Free background checks

Have you seen what's out there on the Internet about you? I've got some free ways for you to get it done. We're in an era when many online databases are publicly available. But the info that's available could be totally inaccurate. Take my wife as an example. When you ...

Internships -- exploitation or education?

Have you heard about the lawsuits several unpaid interns are filing against their former non-employers alleging they were used as unpaid labor? I couldn't believe what I read in The Los Angeles Times. My feeling is that unpaid internships should be for networking because they may lead to future opportunities ...

SBA helping veterans start businesses

SBA helping veterans start businesses

Veterans have access to new assistance and funding to start their own business after returning from service.

61 items
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