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Work at Home & Telecommuting

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Creative websites for hiring workers and job hunting

Using the Internet to connect with people who have particular skills sets has become extremely popular in an era of more and more contract work. I recently told you about a service called, where people share things they're willing to do for $5. You might be able to hire ...

New fight over mandatory sick leave

In an age when some 40% of people have no sick leave at work, there's a big push to mandate employers to grant it across the country. Yet I think there's a better solution that doesn't require a government mandate. In Central Florida, there has been a big to do ...

4 Online Survey Sites/Focus Groups That Pay

I'm asked continually if people can really make huge money in their spare time by taking surveys online. The answer is overwhelmingly "no," but there are a few possible exceptions. The reality is that almost every single solicitation you see in your inbox or on a banner ad on a ...

Create a free e-book now

While I've been on book tour for Clark Howard's Living Large for the Long Haul,  I've received question after question from people who say they've written a book and want to know the best way to get it published. The answer I've given to this question has really changed over ...

More apps to supplement your income

Looking some quick ways to make a little extra cash? Some months ago, I told you about a service called, where people share things they're willing to do for $5. You might be able to hire someone to review your resume, design a website, improve a PowerPoint presentation or ...

Longer commute times cost you in more ways than one

Long commutes can cost you in more ways than one. I want to help you offset the true cost of commuting. There's an old adage from the real estate industry that says people drive to the freeway exit where they can afford a house and that's where they live. But ...

Should You Ever Work for Free?

I lose count of my “jobs” these days: my literary writing (that theoretically pays, or had better one day or else), a nonprofit board on which I serve as president, and the magazine I started last summer. While I certainly put the same intensity into everything, I can definitely say that I work ...

Staffing Division Manager Sonya Allison of Express Employment interviews Dillon Repass on Tuesday, April 2, 2013. Barbara J. Perenic/Staff

How to dress at work

I typically wear shorts and a golf shirt to work. It's become such a trademark that my staff has dubbed it the "Clarkiform." When I'm not completely dressed down, I tend to wear stain-and-wrinkle resistant slacks or a wash-and-go suit jacket that doesn't require dry cleaning. But how should you ...

Entrepreneur invents tire "snow socks," inspired by mom

Entrepreneur invents tire "snow socks," inspired by mom

Here's some inspiration for entrepreneurs: A man took an idea he learned as a child, from his mom, to create a cheap (and profitable) alternative to snow tires.

Chris Schutte assembles a shipping box in the packing area in the garage of his Suwanee home. When he lost his job a second time, Schutte decided to scratch a longstanding itch and become an entrepreneur. His idea: a kitchen cooking device he conceived called the Hot Dog Bun EZ Steamer - a contraption made out of wire that you stick in a pot and perfectly steams the bun while cooking the dog. Before he knew it, his crazy idea seemed to be taking off. But sales fell short. One low point found him taking back tens of thousands of steamers from QVC when it couldn't sell them. Schutte hasn't given up, but he knows the time to make his dream come true may be coming to an end.

Second jobs help Americans pay down credit card debt

I had a caller the other day who is typical of so many people, holding down three job and cobbling together a living. She used to have a career job with one paycheck, but now she gets it done with three. The latest numbers show 7.25 million Americans hold down ...

37 items
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