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Environment & Energy

From alternative fuel vehicles on the road to LED bulbs in the home, Clark is always a pioneer in the field of energy savings. He believes it's critical to reduce our dependence on foreign oil, and that going green can actually put more green in your wallet!

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Gas prices to drop this summer?

Gas prices to drop this summer?

Experts are claiming the price of a barrel of oil will drop significantly over the next 60 months. Here's why.

6 Ways To Cut Home Energy Costs

Utility bills can make up a significant portion of a family’s monthly budget. With a little planning, research, and work, you can cut your home's energy consumption by a substantial amount. With Earth Day next week, here are 6 ways to get the job done. Improve your HVAC's Efficiency HVAC ...

Gas prices to drop by 50 cents?

The glut of new oil supply in North America could mean that gas prices will go easy on your wallet for the forseeable future. All indications suggest we'll see prices at the pump drop as much as 50 cents off and on over the next five years. Recent predictions in ...

How to fix a broken lightbulb

Cards on the table:  I am cheap. My latest adventure in cheapness involves lightbulbs, specifically the old school incandescent kind. The kind invented by Thomas Alva Edison. The kind that government put the kibosh on as of January 1, 2014 under the Energy Independence and Security Act. There's been a ...

Georgia Natural Gas Guide

  March 2014: There are 2 low-cost price leaders this month, according to the Georgia Public Service Commission (GA PSC). They are Commerce Energy and True Natural Gas. Commerce is advertising a rate of .6290 this month, while True is advertising .6560. A typical Commerce customer who locks in this ...

12 Quick DIY Ways To Save on Your Energy Bill

  Higher heating bills are coming thanks to a very cold winter in the eastern half of the United States. Fortunately, you don't have to surrender your wallet to the winter! By making some basic tweaks to your home, you can stay warm and save money at the same time. ...

Why you should buy LEDs now

Interested in spending a little bit of money now to save hundreds over time? Last month, I was able to pick up LED bulbs (both floodlights and lamp-style bulbs) at Costco Wholesale for around $5-$6 a piece. That low price was thanks to an instant rebate from the local power ...

3 ways to cut your winter energy bill

The polar vortex that's gripped much of the United States means you're going to be paying a lot more for winter heating and energy use. Here are some simple ways to attack the cost: 1. Lock in a low price for the entire heating season In roughly 25 states, you ...

Man arrested for stealing 5 cents of electricity

You've probably seen people charging their cellphones or laptops at airports, malls, and other public places. But would you believe someone could be arrested for charging their electric car in public? There was a story about a Georgia man who plugged his Nissan Leaf in at a high school while ...

Winter heating bill too high? Consider an energy tax credit

Is your winter heating bill too high? Grab an energy tax credit for yourself to offset the cost -- before they expire! Climatologists are predicting it will be more expensive to heat your home this winter. That's not because energy costs are up. In fact, those who heat with natural ...

119 items
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