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From weddings and fashion, from children to charities, life presents us with opportunities to save money...and spend too much of it. Learn to be a better shopper and consumer as you deal with everyday life issues.Helpful Guides and Links:
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Money and Marriage: How Couples Can Be Too Frugal

Can you ever be too frugal? Is there such a thing as saving too much of your money? If you’re future-oriented and obsessed with turning your financial goals into realities -- and constantly delay all gratification in the name of financial progress -- you could be guilty of both these ...

Housing trend returns: Multi-generation homes

Housing trend returns: Multi-generation homes

A new study shows that home buyers are once again looking for homes that can fit multiple generations under one roof.

Driving is passe? Enter Rocket Skates

Driving is passe? Enter Rocket Skates

Know a younger person who doesn't have or want a driver's license? Maybe this millennial mode of transportation is more their speed!


Low-Cost, No-Fee Senior Medical Alert Devices

Emergency help for seniors who are away from home is now available at the touch of a button. I want to share details about a $15/month subscription service. Check out this cheap medical alert systems for seniors We're all familiar with that commercial that goes, "Help, I've fallen and I ...

 Medical Alert device with no monthly fee

Medical Alert device with no monthly fee

Clark shows you a wearable medical alert device that operates by push-button, but unlike the others, has no monthly fees.


This Santa Letter Pitch Could Rob You Blind

You've heard about how the Grinch stole Christmas, but have you heard about how scamsters stole the credit card numbers of parents wanting a letter from Santa for their kids? The Better Business Bureau has put out an alert about a letter scam operating just in time for the holiday ...


3 Emotional Benefits of Giving

When we think about money, we don’t necessarily think about our emotions. But if we took one look at our money “language” we’d realize emotions have everything to do with our money. We “love” the things we buy. We “need” the latest gadget. We don’t “feel” like purchasing some things. ...

10 Awesome Thanksgiving Leftover Makeovers

A day of leftovers is enough for me. Beyond that, the leftovers from the Thanksgiving feast have to be magically transformed, so that it doesn't feel like I'm eating the Thanksgiving meal for the 7th time in a row. Here are my 10 favorite ways to completely make-over Thanksgiving Leftovers ...


Social Media Snafus Can Kill Your College Application

Kids are young, adventurous, and clueless by nature. Now they're running around taking outrageous pictures and video on mobile devices. But on reflection, a lot of that media looks like a really bad idea. What we've heard again and again is that kids have a college application declined because of ...


Nearly 5 Million Strollers Recalled Over Danger of Finger Loss

Graco is recalling 4.7 million strollers after 11 children sustained finger injuries -- some even suffering complete finger amputations -- because of a design defect involving the hinges. The Atlanta-based stroller company will provide customers with a free repair kit to remedy the problem. Get the details of the baby ...

345 items
Results 1 - 10 of 345next >