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From weddings and fashion, from children to charities, life presents us with opportunities to save money...and spend too much of it. Learn to be a better shopper and consumer as you deal with everyday life issues.Helpful Guides and Links:
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Social Media Snafus Can Kill Your College Application

Kids are young, adventurous, and clueless by nature. Now they're running around taking outrageous pictures and video on mobile devices. But on reflection, a lot of that media looks like a really bad idea. What we've heard again and again is that kids have a college application declined because of ...


Nearly 5 Million Strollers Recalled Over Danger of Finger Loss

Graco is recalling 4.7 million strollers after 11 children sustained finger injuries -- some even suffering complete finger amputations -- because of a design defect involving the hinges. The Atlanta-based stroller company will provide customers with a free repair kit to remedy the problem. Get the details of the baby ...

Money-saving Keurig 2.0 K-cup hack

Money-saving Keurig 2.0 K-cup hack

The new Keurig 2.0 coffeemaker now only accepts licensed Keurig K-cups. Clark and Christa show you how to hack it to refill with your own personal coffee -- and save big bucks.


Feed 6 on Thanksgiving for $45 -- No Coupons Required!

Last year, I wrote a piece about how I prepared a Thanksgiving meal for $100. While the article was extremely popular, there were several comments from Clark's readers challenging me to do better. How to feed a family of 6 for less I heard your comments, and this year I ...


5 Money Skills Every Parent Should Teach Their Teenager

Parenting is not for wimps! I remind myself of this truth almost every other day while parenting my four children (they’re now 26, 24, 20 and 19). A huge part of our parenting responsibility lies in what we teach our children. I’m a firm believer in being intentional about teaching, ...

Fast food: Drive thru or Walk in?

Fast food: Drive thru or Walk in?

When you're ready for some fast food, do you walk in to order or hit the drive through? A new report might make you change your ways...


Get Free Streaming Movies From Your Library!

Your local library wants to compete with your Netflix subscription. Here's how to get free streaming movies and TV shows without paying a penny! Recently, I had 2 people upset with me when I was talking about Kindle Paperwhite, a superior book reading device that has a street price of ...


Fund Your Favorite Band and Make a Profit (Maybe)

Imagine being able to profit share with your favorite bands when they release new music. So you get new music from a beloved artist and, if it does well, a little something back. It's a win/win, right? That's the premise of a new startup called Loudfund. Based in Atlanta, Loudfund ...

Swash Lets You Dry Clean at Home on the Cheap

Is dry cleaning your clothes getting too expensive for you? Procter & Gamble has an alternative that might fill a niche in the marketplace. Every time there's a new and improved way to dry clean clothes, there's a lot of media interest. In my TV work, we always test these ...

Electric Skates Are Super-Serving Millennials

Imagine being able to zoom around traffic clogs on the sidewalk so you can get to your destination faster. In what seems like news of the weird, there's a new invention that allows people to strap electric skates to their feet to get around. Branded as Rocket Skates, these things ...

340 items
Results 1 - 10 of 340next >