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Marriage & Divorce

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  • Save up before your wedding and spend only what you have. The most important part of a wedding is the meaning of the marriage, not how fancy the wedding is.
  • Check helpful websites such as and for ways to save on your wedding.
  • In the event of a divorce, you must protect your financial interests by terminating both the marriage and the joint financial obligations. That includes credit card accounts, mortgages and jointly held loans. Refinance the loans or sell the house or car.
  • If joint accounts are not closed, you are legally responsible if your ex-spouse doesn't pay, no matter what the divorce decree says. Your credit can be ruined and you can get knocked out of the credit market.
  • Make sure to consider each spouse's retirement accounts and stock options, if there are any.
  • Consider divorce mediation, a less adversarial process than using lawyers, in which a mediator tries to get the two parties together to reach a fair agreement. But be sure to have any mediation agreement reviewed by a lawyer.
  • If your ex-spouse is months or more behind in child-support payments, consider using a collection agency. Don't pay more than one-third the amount due in collection agency fees.

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Clark's Advice on Money Management for Couples

Do opposites attract, or do you look for a person who handles money like you in a relationship? How to handle money in a relationship Clark and his wife have long called themselves "the MasterCard logo couple." The consumer champ came into the marriage with "cheap" stitched across his forehead. ...


3 Ways To Talk With Your Spouse About Money Without Arguing!

Money conversations can be very tough especially when money is tight in your home. But your relationship doesn't need to suffer. Here's the reality, you have to talk about money and we have to learn how to talk about money without arguing. Here are 3 tried-and-true adverbs that can guide ...


Money and Marriage: How Couples Can Be Too Frugal

Can you ever be too frugal? Is there such a thing as saving too much of your money? If you’re future-oriented and obsessed with turning your financial goals into realities -- and constantly delay all gratification in the name of financial progress -- you could be guilty of both these ...


5 Money Skills Every Parent Should Teach Their Teenager

Parenting is not for wimps! I remind myself of this truth almost every other day while parenting my four children (they’re now 26, 24, 20 and 19). A huge part of our parenting responsibility lies in what we teach our children. I’m a firm believer in being intentional about teaching, ...

Money & Marriage: 5 Ways To Keep the Peace

How many couples have you seen marry and then blow up when fighting about money? Arguments over family finances are a leading cause of divorce. Here are 5 key steps couples can take to better manage their financial lives together 1. Appoint a CFO (Chief Financial Officer) While neither of ...

Divorce without a lawyer can be risky

Divorce without a lawyer can be risky

More and more couples are getting a divorce without a lawyer. While it might make sense in some situations, here's why you probably don't want to cheap out on this!

Can you trust the profiles on dating websites?

Can you trust the profiles on dating websites?

When you go to an online dating site, how can you be sure the people you're seeing pictures of are actually real members? Here's a new warning for anyone on the prowl!

Cut your wedding budget big-time

Looking to plan a cheap wedding? Thanks to the Internet, it's now possible to pay as little as $5 for something that could otherwise cost you $3,000! I talked recently about how you can now buy $99 wedding dresses from H&M. That trend hints at a big split between people ...

Wedding dresses starting at $99

If you or someone you know is getting married, I have some suggestions about ways to save money. A few years back, Costco Wholesale got a round of derisive press for selling high-end designer wedding dresses at a fraction of what they would cost elsewhere. They were pricing them typically ...

Beware of "romance scams" around Valentine's Day

With Valentine's Day approaching fast, I've got a real heartbreaker to share with you that centers around the dangers of people misrepresenting themselves on the Internet. A couple of years ago, The Naperville Sun reported that a 48-year-old man wired $200,000 over the course of more than 2 years to ...

47 items
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