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There is nothing more important than your health, and paying for healthcare and medicine can be one of the biggest challenges we face. Find out what you need to know here.Helpful Guides and Links:
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5 Cheap Options for Organic Food

Looking to save money and eat healthy? Cheap options for organic food are available. Several new developments in the grocery field could help you get fresh and organic items more easily than before. Whole Foods isn't the only game in town! Here are 5 cheap options for healthy organics 1. ...

Shopping for Health Insuranceā€¦at Walmart?!

Are you shopping for health insurance on your own and feeling confused about your options in the marketplace? A solution is coming for you from Walmart! In the next week, the nation’s largest retailer is launching a health insurance buying service in 2,700 of its stores. The initiative is being ...

How To Get Generic Drugs Even Cheaper

Generic drugs now account for well over 80% of all prescriptions. Just 10 years ago, less than half of drugs sold were generics. Much of the growth is because employers make generics extra-affordable through mail order programs (pharmacy benefits managers). Then you also have the grocery stores and big box ...

Which Health Insurance Plan Is Right For You?

Open enrollment is almost here. I want to share new info about the best and worst health insurance plans. The November 2014 issue of Consumer Reports has rated plans in all 50 states and some clear winners emerge based on a national standard of quality. A look at the best ...

Sit all day at work? How to reverse the damage

Sit all day at work? How to reverse the damage

If you sit all day at work, you could be shortening your lifespan by a few years. But you can get that time back with one change to your daily routine.

4 Key Things You Need To Know Before Open Enrollment

Now that open enrollment season is coming up, I want to outline 4 key things you need to know about health care going into 2015. Health care costs at lowest increase ever Large employers are seeing the smallest increases ever in the cost of providing health care to employees and ...

Affordable Treadmill Desks Now Available

Years ago, I talked about the Walkstation, a desk at which you stand that was equipped with a treadmill! People who had this thing would do their work while walking all day long at half a mile an hour. You can drop some tremendous weight by doing that. The Walkstation ...

The Best Fast Food Chains in the Nation

Consumer Reports has tackled the weighty issue of the best and worst chain restaurants out there competing for your dining dollar. Here's a quick look at the best and worst fast food/fast casual chains in America In sandwiches, it was a tie between Firehouse Subs and Jason's Deli. Last place ...

Clark's 33-cent lumbar support

Clark's 33-cent lumbar support

Suffering with pain from a bad back like Clark? Clark devised an easy alternative to a $50 lumbar support for just 33 cents!

Please sign Clark's Medicare ID Theft petition

Please sign Clark's Medicare ID Theft petition

We need 100,000 people to sign our petition to force the Social Security Administration to find an alternative to using Social Security numbers on Medicare cards.

344 items
Results 1 - 10 of 344next >