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Whether you're buying your first home or selling your seventh, real estate transactions can be tricky. Once you are in a home, taking care of it can be overwhelming to you and especially to your wallet.Helpful Guides and Links:
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New Mortgage Requirements for First-Time Homebuyers

Good news for first-time homebuyers or those who don't own a home today and want to. The strict regulations that forced so many of you out of the market are easing up. Downpayments and credit score requirements are changing It's been difficult during the last 8 years for first-time homebuyers ...

Digital Thermostats: Worth the high price tag?

Digital Thermostats: Worth the high price tag?

Buying a new digital thermostat can really cut heating costs. Clark has been testing the Nest digital thermostat for months.

Find the Best Interest Rates for a Mortgage or Refinance

It is a terrible fact of life that getting a mortgage is the biggest pain in the rear just about of any financial thing you will ever have to do. Just when you think you've given them every last document, then the lenders come up with something else you need ...


My Favorite Gadgets at CES 2015

While at CES, I got a chance to interview Jim Barry (@ceaanswerman), the Digital Answer Man and media spokesman for the Consumer Electronics Association. One of the things I discussed with Jim was how the "Internet of things" concept that was so fuzzy to me in years past really came ...


Buying a DIY Alarm System Will Save You Money

A couple of months ago my wife and I had somebody break into our house at 4 a.m. in the morning and this made it apparent that we needed to get some sort of security system. We originally thought that our two dogs would have been enough to scare someone ...

Georgia Natural Gas Guide

  Ready for a blast of winter, Georgia? The calendar has finally turned and natural gas rates are on everyone's mind. Which company has the best rate for you? My monthly update on natural gas rates in Georgia can help you decide... Here are the low-cost leaders for fixed rate ...


9 Areas of Your Home That Need Winter Preparation

I know it just seems like we just Autumn-proofed our homes, right? Yet while you may not have as many problems as your aunt in Billings, Montana, as the temperature drops, you definitely need to get ready for old man winter… Here are 9 areas of your home that need ...


Your Guide to Christmas Lights Safety

Nothing quite says ‘Happy Holidays’ like hanging roughly 25,000 lights on your house, by your house, in your house, in your trees, on your shrubs, on your lawn… Holiday lighting is a fun, festive way to celebrate.  I don’t know about you, but I love to drive around town and ...

Housing trend returns: Multi-generation homes

Housing trend returns: Multi-generation homes

A new study shows that home buyers are once again looking for homes that can fit multiple generations under one roof.


How To Outsource the Financially Savvy Way

One of the things I love most about people who believe in living frugally: their dedication to DIY. The do-it-yourself mentality goes hand-in-hand with living well on less and saving money. Frugal folks know they can save big by handling their own errands, chores, and projects. I appreciate that people ...

331 items
Results 1 - 10 of 331next >