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Check out the reputation of the builder by talking with people who live in some of the builder's houses. Also, never negotiate directly with a builder's agent in a new home subdivision.

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New home construction offered from 120-150K

New home construction offered from 120-150K

Prices are up for first-time buyers of new homes. But one home builder has a new solution for you, and it's designed to sell at less than $150,000.

Cheaper Temporary Housing Is Coming

Modern engineering has come up with a solution to deliver cheap temporary housing quickly in the wake of natural disasters. Reaction Housing's Exo is a portable, easy-to-assemble temporary house. It has a base and a dome and it sleeps 4 adults. The thing weighs less than 400 pounds. A single ...

Is the recovery in housing values over?

Here we are having been through a real estate cycle where everything was sizzling and then things fell off a cliff. More recently, we've seen a dramatic recovery in housing values, especially in places that were hit by the worst of the housing bust. Where are we today? Should we ...

Landowner fights government extortion

In a long overdue move, the Supreme Court has stepped into to protect landowners from government extortion. Years ago, I had an option on a piece of land. I was going to build a home to live in on the land. So I purchased building plans and selected a builder ...

Solar is getting cheaper

I feel very strongly that we as a country can do so much more on the energy independence front than we've done.  We've only just begun with our exploration and conservation efforts. I believe we need a national policy of having our truck fleets run on natural gas. Natural gas ...

Home buying and selling mistakes

We're coming up one of the housing market’s peak buying and selling times. With that in mind, what are the biggest mistakes made by both sellers and buyers? For sellers, I find the number one mistake they make is in selecting an agent. If you're interviewing agents, don’t list with ...

Who knew using a porta-potty could be a team sport?

Real estate recovery highlighted by return of the Porta Potty!

It's one of the most oddball metrics I've ever seen of the housing recovery: The portable toilet business is booming once again thanks to new construction making a comeback. Call it the Porta Potty index! So many Porta Potties had been in storage when the housing market collapsed. Central Florida ...

Pre-fab construction comes to commercial real estate

Pre-fabricated construction is finding a small but growing niche in commercial real estate. Using CAD (computer-aided design), it's now possible to build the components of an office building, a retail store, or even a hospital in a factory and then assemble the parts on site. Doing so yields much lower ...

Increase in home equity bodes well for worker mobility

Equity in homes is going up for the first time since the real estate bust began. That's a clear sign of recovery in so many places. One third of Americans who have a home now own it free and clear, according to the latest data from Zillow. The cities where ...

Sandwich generation impacts home sales, building trends

Get ready to take a bite out of the great American sandwich! As if raising children weren't hard enough, many of us are now taking on financial responsibility for parents too. The sandwich generation -- a term that describes those homeowners who are getting hit with money obligations arising from ...

29 items
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