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Buying a Home

    • Get a copy of your credit reports four to six months before you start home shopping and pre-quaify for a mortgage before you start looking.

    • If you're buying a house strictly for financial reasons, look at each house you're considering as you would evaluate a purchase of stocks or bonds.

    • Don't buy one of the first houses in a subdivision. The developer may go bust and be unable to complete the development.

    • Make any offer on a home contingent on its passing an inspection. The purchase also should be contingent on your ability to get financing at or below a set interest rate.

    • Get an owner's title insurance policy that covers you, not the lender, if your ownership is successfully challenged.

    • Hire a real estate attorney to review the closing papers and, if you're buying a house still under construction, to draft or review the purchase contract.

    • Before you buy a house, try your commute to work during rush hour.

    • Learn about the area surrounding a potential purchase, including the potential for new roads or new development.

    • Look at a property while it's raining to see how water flows across it. Look for signs of poor drainage and danger of flooding.

    • Buy a house that's fundamentally sound in construction and materials, even if it doesn't have the latest, greatest design features.

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Why intown properties are a smart buy today

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Websites To Comparison Shop Owner's Title Insurance

When you buy a home or refinance one, you need a simple insurance policy that I just can't get people to buy…even though being without it can be deadly to your finances. Picture this: When you do a refinance, you dump Bank A and pay them off with proceeds lent ...

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