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Home Equity Lines

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HELOCs Make a Comeback

For the first time since the real estate bubble, your ability to borrow against the value of your home is returning. This is significant because over the last 8 years, there was almost no home equity line of credit (HELOC) activity and almost no second mortgage activity. But now we ...

Home buying and selling mistakes

We're coming up one of the housing market’s peak buying and selling times. With that in mind, what are the biggest mistakes made by both sellers and buyers? For sellers, I find the number one mistake they make is in selecting an agent. If you're interviewing agents, don’t list with ...

Increase in home equity bodes well for worker mobility

Equity in homes is going up for the first time since the real estate bust began. That's a clear sign of recovery in so many places. One third of Americans who have a home now own it free and clear, according to the latest data from Zillow. The cities where ...

Have A Home Equity Line of Credit?

Home equity lines of credit are being slashed left and right. Home equity lines are being slashed left and right. Clark shares a strategy to ensure that yours doesn't prematurely come under the blade.

4 items