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Homeowners Associations

If you live in a condominium complex or subdivision, you may have a homeowner's association and HOA board. Sometimes these organizations are great and sometimes they can cause major problems for you. I'll tell you about both.

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9 Things To Ask Before Selling Your Home

Just the other day I got an ad in the mail from a real estate agent. The bold print screamed "PRICES ARE UP 15% FROM LAST YEAR" and "HOMES ARE SELLING FASTER." Have you received these mailings too? Maybe you're wondering if now is the time to put your home on the market ...

HOA fees can become a budget buster

When you’re buying in a mandatory homeowners association (HOA), fees that seem reasonable today could skyrocket quickly. Two generations ago, there were almost no condos in the U.S. and no mandatory HOAs. Today, we are closing in on a third of Americans living in a mandatory HOA community of some ...

Save on home heating bills this winter

Save on home heating bills this winter

Clark shares some ways to cut your energy bills down this winter.

Home buying and selling mistakes

We're coming up one of the housing market’s peak buying and selling times. With that in mind, what are the biggest mistakes made by both sellers and buyers? For sellers, I find the number one mistake they make is in selecting an agent. If you're interviewing agents, don’t list with ...

Ongoing battle of secondhand smoke

Ongoing battle of secondhand smoke

Some homeowners associations are now banning smoking... inside people's own homes! Here's Clark's take on the never-ending battle of secondhand smoke.

Secondhand smoke battle: Indoor smoking bans?

Smokers' rights are disappearing fast. Now some want to ban smoking inside one's very own home. Check out this story: The Orange County Register reports that a jury trial in California led to a Homeowners' Association being found negligent in a cigarette smoking dispute between neighbors in a condominium. The ...

Increase in home equity bodes well for worker mobility

Equity in homes is going up for the first time since the real estate bust began. That's a clear sign of recovery in so many places. One third of Americans who have a home now own it free and clear, according to the latest data from Zillow. The cities where ...

Vital Farms owner Jason Jones holds a free range hen near a mobile chicken unit at Vital Farms in South Austin on Oct. 30.

Local regulations may ban backyard chicken coops

Chickn coops at people's homes are becoming a big trend in America. Of things I'd want to own at my home, chickens don't make the list! They're messy, they're smelly, and they're labor intensive. But a lot of people think owning them represents a real deal for farm-fresh eggs. The ...

New warnings about buying in the condo market

I have some new warnings for you before you buy a condo. Let me say first that the first real estate purchase I ever made was a foreclosure condo in 1978. I still own it and it's been a very profitable rental property for me over time. In the ensuing ...

Homeowners and condo associations foreclosing on banks that don't pay monthly dues

Some homeowners and condo associations are turning the tables on errant banks and foreclosing on them when they don't pay HOA or condo dues. Banks are required by law to pay monthly dues from the moment they foreclose on a property in a covenant community. However, the Community Associations Institute ...

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