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Moving & Selling

    • Get a binding estimate in advance specifying the cost of your move.

    • Check to make sure the mover you pick is a member of the American Moving and Storage Association's ProMover program.

    • In your contract, require the mover to pay a penalty if he doesn't deliver your belongings on or before a specific date.

    • Buy replacement value insurance on your possessions, in case something breaks during the move.

    • Before you choose a moving company, get a clear understanding from that mover what happens if something is broken that you've packed yourself.

    • When the mover drops off your furniture at your new residence, do not sign the release form until you've examined your furniture piece by piece.

    • The best way to protect crystal, china, and any other extremely valuable and delicate possessions is to move them yourself in your own car.

    • If you want to risk your back and move yourself, be careful about what packing materials you buy for the move. You'll generally do better renting the truck from the rental company and buying your boxes and other materials somewhere else.

    • To save money on truck rentals, move during mid-month or during the week.

    • Consider a range of options to sell your home, including selling it yourself, using a discount-commission broker or a full-commission broker.

    • Interview a number of real estate agents before you hire one. It's good to deal with someone who sells a lot of houses in your neighborhood.

    • When you interview an agent, ask for a detailed, written sales plan of how the agent would market your home. Limit the listing time with that agent to three months or negotiate a fee you can pay to get out of the listing after three months.

    • Listen to every offer for your house and always make a counteroffer.

    • Prepare your house for sale. It should be clean, bright, uncluttered, and uncrowded.

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Real estate projections for 2014

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