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We have insurance on almost everything -- our health, our homes, our cars and even our lives. Navigating through all of the choices we are offered can be confusing. Let me help clear things up so you can make great choices for yourself and your family.Helpful Guides and Links:
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Beware of ER-Like Facilities That Look Like Urgent Care

Need quick medical care for an emergency? Be careful what type of facility you walk into. There's a difference big between urgent care facilities and stand-alone emergency room facilities. While the latter may have fancier equipment, an in-house lab, and more staff, it also comes with a heftier price tag. ...


4 Key Things To Know About Open Enrollment

Now that open enrollment season is here, I want to outline 4 key things you need to know about health care going into 2015. Pay attention to the color codes Most individuals buying their own coverages by color codes wind up buying silver on the health care exchanges. But there's ...


Customers Asked To Pay for Employee Health Care at Restaurants

Have you taken a close look at your bill when you've dined out recently? There may be an added line charge...and I'm not talking about restaurants charging for tap water! Paying for employee health care when you go out to eat Some restaurants are now adding a health care surcharge ...


Why You May Want To Pay Cash for Medical Care

With open enrollment upon us, I'm getting more and more questions about paying for health care. If you buy insurance on the health care exchange or you get your health care through an employer, the deductibles are getting larger and larger. Sometimes they're huge. Negotiate for a cash price before ...

Top 10 Cars That Get the Most Tickets

Got a lead foot? You probably won't to be seen in any of these cars, according to a new study from! There's been this longstanding idea that people in red cars are more likely to get a ticket. That may have been true at one time. But today, police ...

Top 10 Most Expensive Cities for Car Insurance

A new report from BankRate finds that some places are frightfully more expensive than others when it comes to auto insurance. It's not cheap to insure your auto in these cities! The single highest city for auto insurance rates is Detroit. Following Detroit as the most expensive cities are New ...

Why Doing an FSA Makes More Sense Than Ever

There's a little used benefit most employers offer called a flexible spending account (FSA) for health care. Not familiar with FSAs? Here's why you should be... How FSAs work Here's how this thing works: With an FSA, you have money deducted from each paycheck that goes into a savings account. ...

Easy way to compare insurance rates

Easy way to compare insurance rates

This website makes it so easy to shop for all kinds of insurance. Rate comparisons are emailed to you, and best of all…no pushy agents!

A New Easy Way To Shop for Insurance Online

Shopping for any kind of insurance is a complete pain. But what if there were a way to get rate comparisons emailed to you and no unwanted phone calls from pushy agents? Too many people don't shop for insurance of all kinds because they're afraid of having to deal with ...

Shopping for Health Insurance…at Walmart?!

Are you shopping for health insurance on your own and feeling confused about your options in the marketplace? A solution is coming for you from Walmart! In the next week, the nation’s largest retailer is launching a health insurance buying service in 2,700 of its stores. The initiative is being ...

134 items
Results 1 - 10 of 134next >