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Travel Insurance

Learn how to protect yourself with travel insurance in the event of illness or in the case of company, tour operator or airline default. Helpful Guides and Links:
Trip Insurance Guide
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Easy way to compare insurance rates

Easy way to compare insurance rates

This website makes it so easy to shop for all kinds of insurance. Rate comparisons are emailed to you, and best of all…no pushy agents!

International Travel Tips: Money, Mobile & Booking

In this Overseas Travel guide, you'll learn how to use cell phone, mobile, and wifi overseas; the best ways to exchange and handle money; and I'll give you my tips for finding great deals on accommodations. With my background in the travel industry and a lifelong passion for travel, I've ...

Using Cell Phones Outside the United States

Since the first iPhone was introduced, consumers have been going overseas and coming back home to exorbitant cell phone bills. The worst I ever heard was from someone who went to Costa Rica and got a $30,000 bill for 3 days! As a close second, I heard from another person ...

When should you use a travel agent?

Travel agents may seem outdated, but sometimes working with a real live person is superior to booking travel online. Back in the dinosaur days, I used to be a travel agent. For a while it looked like travel agents themselves were going the way of the dinosaur, but agents are ...

Trip and Travel Insurance Guide

Remember the volcanic eruption in Iceland that left millions of travelers stranded on both sides of the Atlantic a few years ago? Boy, did that present one compelling argument for buying trip insurance. Trip insurance is something I get so many questions and there seems to be confusion surrounding it. Policies ...

Find an adventure just for you! The AJC picked 43 destinations from Atlanta for every type of vacation: luxurious escapes, romantic getaways, road trips, family vacations, outdoor adventures, budget travel and cultural attractions. Here are our top picks for each of those categories. To see the full list, check out Sunday's special Travel section, also available to digital subscribers in the e-edition and Today's Paper app.

Pre-vacation credit card checklist

As you plan your summer vacation, you most likely check out reviews of restaurants near your hotel, print out your confirmation information and make sure that everything you will need for your trip is packed in your suitcase. A little bit of planning will go a long way to ensuring ...

United Airlines snafu prices roundtrip tix to Hong Kong at $40

Some United Airlines customers booked round-trip tickets to Hong Kong for $40 and four frequent flier miles over the weekend because of a computer glitch. Federal law requires United to honor the price. But should they have to? United has had disaster after disaster for a while now. The employees ...

Get more consumer advice on and The Clark Howard Show.

Which insurance to buy, which to skip

You can get insurance on almost anything -- computers, phones, trips, your identity, your credit, your pets, and even home warranties! But should you? I saw a Marketwatch story about which policies you need to have and which you can skip. The "skips" include extended warranties, home warranties, mobile phone ...

Which kinds of insurance to buy (& NOT buy!)

Which kinds of insurance to buy (& NOT buy!)

Insurance pitches are everywhere, but not all insurance is necessary. Clark names five kinds of policies to skip and four kinds you've got to have to protect yourself and your family.

Customer no-service car rental company taken to task

There are some companies you never hear me talk about no matter how good of a deal they offer. Why not? Because I know their reputation has historically been sullied with serious customer no service issues. Fox Rent a Car is one such company. Fox Rent a Car is an ...

18 items
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