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Savers still facing low interest rates

Savers are getting the short end of the stick while it remains a borrower's paradise thanks to low inflation and the Federal Reserve's refusal to raise interest rates. Normally, a serious bout of inflation would result when you have massive federal budget deficits and the Federal Reserve essentially creating money ...

Stock market jitters worry investors

Are you among those investors who ran to bond funds for safe harbor when the stock market went topsy-turvy? Those who did so generally saw nice rewards from making the move. But there is a hidden danger that I want to make you aware of. The Federal Reserve has signalled ...

Clark's No-Giftcard Gift Certificate

Clark can't stand gift cards! He'd rather you give cash so your friends and family never have to hassle with expiration dates, fees, limited choices or rules. Next time you give cash for a gift, print out the certificate below and wrap it around your cash gift. Have fun!   ...

Series I bonds are a good deal -- for now

Are you unhappy with the low interest rates on savings and CDs? There's an option from the federal government that could temporarily earn you close to 2 percent on your money. In the past, I've spoken with great enthusiasm about Series I U.S. savings bonds. Throughout the late 1990s and ...

Are bond funds a safe investment?

Are bond funds a safe investment?

A lot of investors consider bond funds a safe harbor in their retirement portfolio, not subject to the volatility of the stock market. But Clark has some words of warning about this hot investment option.

How To Build Your Financial Future

How To Build Your Financial Future

In this special web-only feature, Clark talks one-on-one with you, providing his best strategies for securing your financial future.

Bonds offer better returns on your savings

Bonds offer better returns on your savings

Savers are griping about the low interest rates on savings accounts and bank-issued CDs. Well, the federal government has a solution that will pay you almost 5% on your money!

Municipal bonds offer both hazards and opportunities for investors

Do you know what bonds are? Bonds are where you're kind of like the bank lending somebody money. When you buy savings bonds, you lend money to the federal government. With corporate bonds, you lend money to companies. And when you buy municipal bonds, you're lending money to cities, counties ...

British con artist sentenced in discount bonds scheme

RIP-OFF ALERT: A British man named Robert (Rodney) Tringham stole $7 million from unsuspecting investors by pretending to be a renowned European banker with a method to make big money by purchasing discount bonds, according to The Los Angeles Times. Tringham claimed he was buying bonds on sale using money ...

Bonds may not be the safe harbor investors think they are

Almost overnight, bonds have become the new haven for people looking for safe investments. But this much ballyhooed investment may not offer all the safe harbor you think it does. It's almost an automatic with human behavior that so many people zig when they should zag. If you go back ...

25 items
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