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Budgeting & Saving

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Website/app that will help you control your spending

Website/app that will help you control your spending

Some smart phone apps are better than others when it comes to helping you control your budget.


3 Steps To Controlling Your Impulse Spending

“I’ve got to have it!” That’s how we feel as we pass by an item that calls our name in the store. Any casual walk through the mall or your favorite big box/electronic store can leave you saying these words in your mind. And what happens next? You impulsively buy ...


7 Money Resolutions That Could Change Your Finances in 2015

According to a recent survey from Fidelity, only 31% of Americans plan to set goals to improve their finances in 2015. This is down from 43% last year, and that’s not a great sign. Setting goals provides us with focus, direction, and an action plan for getting big things done. ...


Become the Chief Financial Officer of Your Own Life

My father was a serial entrepreneur: He was always starting businesses. Most failed, but some were wildly successful. As a boy, I imitated him by starting kid-sized businesses of my own. My ventures were much smaller than Dad’s, but they had similar ups and downs. The lemonade stand by the ...


How To Create a Successful Meal Plan

Did you know that for every extra minute you stay in the grocery store, you spend an extra $1.75?  We will talk more about that later in the article but for now we want to talk about meal planning strategies. Meal planning is a HUGE time saver and also saves ...


How To Handle Your Finances on a Low Income

Although decades of inflation have occurred, the wages of million of American workers have not kept up with the increased cost of living. But with a little of what I call "economically creative thinking," we can keep the hope of a better life alive. Here are 3 areas low-income earners ...


Money and Marriage: How Couples Can Be Too Frugal

Can you ever be too frugal? Is there such a thing as saving too much of your money? If you’re future-oriented and obsessed with turning your financial goals into realities -- and constantly delay all gratification in the name of financial progress -- you could be guilty of both these ...


How Much "It's Only $5" Really Costs You Over Time

The everyday purchases we make of five or ten dollars may not seem significant, but when repeated day after day after day they become incredibly costly. Breaking your routine spending habits and cutting back expenses just a little bit over time can lead to large benefits to your future self. ...


3 Ways To Budget as a Couple So You Don't Kill Each Other

What word could strike fear in the hearts of grown men and women alike more than the word “budget”? Maybe not everyone has that fear, but chances are that in a married couple, at least one spouse HATES budgeting. Mark's take: For us, Lauren has wanted nothing to do with ...

How To Find the Best CD Rates

There's a hot scam going on around the country that's stealing your money with a promise of high returns on a seemingly safe product. We're in an era when people are struggling to find short-term CDs that pay more than 1%. Yet people who are on fixed incomes or are ...

183 items
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