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Budgeting & Saving

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4 Ways To Raise Financially Independent Kids

Where did you learn about money? Did a parent explain to you how credit worked, or show you how to write a check? Or did another trusted adult, like a teacher in school, provide you with your financial education? If you’re like most Americans, what you learned about money came ...

Beware Of Brokers Promising The Best CD Rates

There's a hot scam going on around the country that's stealing your money with a promise of high returns on a seemingly safe product. We're in an era when people are struggling to find short-term CDs that pay more than 1%. Yet people who are on fixed incomes or are ...

How To Teach Kids About Money By Not Using Cash

Kids and money. Two things that don't go together like ketchup and chocolate. At least, that's the feeling I get from many parents who avoid talking about money at all costs, especially to their kids. But then these same parents want their children to magically grow up and perfectly understand ...

How To Save Money: Time To Rethink Your Spending

The wonderful thing about personal finance is that it’s really quite simple. At least, the fundamental principles in play are. They’re easy to understand and easy to remember. At a basic level, to grow your wealth and to be financially successful you need to: Spend less than you earn (or ...

6 Reasons Why Budgeting Is Easier Than You Think

Ok, let's play a game. Close your eyes. Wait, no, keep reading, but imagine you are closing your eyes. Now, relax and pretend you are on a beach, sipping a delicious drink without a care in the world. Someone walks up to you and says the word "budget!" What comes ...

Fee-free online banking options

Online banks are free to use, generally don't have surprise gotcha fees, and are winning rave reviews from customers. In general, online banking appeals to younger folks who don't want branches or even to look at someone face-to-face when they do their finances. USAA Federal Savings Bank, which caters to ...

Should we do away with the penny?

Years ago, I suggested that we do away with the penny in the United States. Boy, did I hear it from a lot of listeners. People were not happy with me! But the reality is pennies actually cost more than one cent to make and manufacture. Think about how easy ...

A key asset to avoid in your 401(k)

A key asset to avoid in your 401(k)

Your employer could be compromising your retirement if they offer this popular option in your 401(k). Are you putting your money in this basket that's too hot to touch?

Money management in a digital age

I read in The Kansas City Star about how people who can't handle their money by themselves have come up with a "scared straight" kind of way that works for them. It's a real throwback to a different era that is proving to be very successful today. Want to know ...

Cancel those unneccesary recurring charges

Cancel those unneccesary recurring charges

There could be items in your monthly statements that are costing you money without you even knowing about it. Clark has some homework for you.

171 items
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