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Why Credit Protection Insurance Is A Rip-Off

Banks, credit card companies and really any company in the financial services industry are trying to steal your money right now by getting you to sign up for credit protection plans. The basic pitch here is that your lender will take care of your minimum payments in the event you ...

How to Get Out of Debt Quickly in 5 Simple Steps

Being in debt can be a stressful experience. No matter what your circumstance is, if you signed for a loan, you are obligated to pay it back even if you have a life altering experience like losing a job, getting into an accident, or even if you have increased expenses ...

Is Paying an Annual Fee on a Credit Card Really Worth It?

You probably know that paying an annual fee for a credit card typically means you’ll get more benefits. Whether or not it’s truly worth it comes down to your purchasing decisions and spending habits. In most cases, my research has shown that the annual fee is worth the extra rewards ...

Handling Your Money Overseas

Planning to travel overseas soon? You've got to do some homework to do if you want to handle your money the Clark Smart way while you're abroad. But don't worry, here's an easy primer to get you started…   BEFORE YOU GO SHOULD YOU EXCHANGE MONEY AT HOME? My rule ...

Check your statement for fake charges

Have you seen a suspicious charge for $9.84, $10.37, or $12.96 on your credit or debit card recently? If so, you're not alone. In the past, I've told you about a criminal ring based in suburban Los Angeles that went to a bank and bought the credit card numbers of ...

A free way to get your credit score today

A free way to get your credit score today

There's a new push for banks to disclose your credit score each month. But you don't have to wait for them to get in gear.

Find the best reward credit card

Looking for the best credit card for your individual spending patterns? There are several ways you can find the right card. In the past, I've talked about a site called that analyzes your charging and payment patterns, based on the info you supply, and offers you a list of ...

Capital One to start caller ID spoofing, visiting debtors in person?

Capital One has some new terms of service (TOS) that are making a lot of customers do a double-take. Do you know what caller ID spoofing is? It's a big problem with fraud rings. It's where the phone rings and the caller ID says it's from your bank, or the ...

Chip and PIN is coming to the U.S.

In the wake of the Target and Neiman Marcus breach, we're finally getting on board with the chip and PIN security standard used the world over. The United States is the only developed nation that has not adopted the chip and PIN standard in our credit and debit cards. We're ...

How to resolve credit card disputes

How to resolve credit card disputes

Are you dealing with a credit card dispute that seems unresolvable? Here's how to handle it.

278 items
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