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3 Credit Cards With Balance Transfer Offers of $0

Are you wheezing on holiday credit card debt? A credit card with the right balance transfer offer can help you get out from underneath that mountain. It's easy to find credit cards that will let you transfer a balance at 0% APR for a certain number of months . . ...

Best Cash-Back Reward Credit Cards of 2015

What is the best reward credit card to use? That's a trick question because it's not 1 card, but 2 cards! Consumer Reports says for most people in most cases, 2 reward credit cards are better than 1. You get the greatest total amount of rewards by using 2 for ...


How To Get a Lower Interest Rate on Your Credit Card

An oldie but goodie is back and it could save you money on your credit card payment. Negotiate your interest rate down So many of us who have a decent credit score are getting solicitations for new credit cards that are vastly superior to the cards we have now. Did ...

How to answer the credit card income-verify email

How to answer the credit card income-verify email

Gotten a notice from your credit card issuer asking you to verify income? It's real. But here's how you should to handle it.


Best Credit Cards for Military Members

Looking for the best credit cards for military personnel? I've got new info to share with you. The best credit cards for military personnel Pentagon Federal Credit Union has just launched the PenFed Defender American Express Card with no annual fee and 1.5% cash back on all purchases. If you ...

Make Your Holiday Shopping List the Clark Smart Way

With Christmas fast approaching, I want to tell you how to manage your holiday shopping list without going over budget. But first, I have a dirty little secret to reveal: Half of all holiday shopping you do when you're supposedly shopping for others is probably going to be for you! ...

Bank of America To Issue Debit Cards With Chips

In the wake of the Chase breach, we're finally getting the first firm word that a giant monster mega bank is introducting chip security for debit cards. Bank of America is now doing chips in debit cards for new customers only, according to the company's official website. If you're an ...

The most trustworthy credit card review site

The most trustworthy credit card review site

Some popular credit card comparison sites are lying to you about the best credit cards. But here's one that still shoots straight...

Beware of This Balance Transfer Trick Offer

Balance transfer offers seem like a great way to give yourself a holiday from accruing interest. But you've got to know how to handle the card correctly or you can get burned.   Here's how a balance transfer offer can bite you Let's say you have a balance on a ...

Why Entrepreneurs Should Avoid Business Credit Cards

What's the difference between personal credit cards and small business credit cards? One can decimate the revenue of small businesses, while the other offers a great workaround and protections for entrepreneurs. Politicians pay a lot of lip service to small business, but they really stab this economic engine in the ...

295 items
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