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Debit Cards

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Why to avoid pre-paid credit cards

Why to avoid pre-paid credit cards

Every store seems to be pushing those pre-paid cards with a Visa logo lately. But here's why you need to be cautious.

Don't use that debit card at the checkout!

Don't use that debit card at the checkout!

How often do you pay with a debit card at checkout? Here's why you'll want to stop that pronto!

7 Places You Should Never Use A Debit Card

Debit cards are a popular alternative to credit cards because they only allow you to spend what you have in your checking account. But they are rife with other dangers for your wallet. Long called "piece of trash fake Visas and fake MasterCards" by Clark, debit cards are overwhelmingly inferior ...

Paying Off Credit Card Debt

There are several steps you should take to get out of credit card debt. Paying off credit card debt that's several thousand dollars or more takes time, so you must discipline yourself. I usually find setting a goal of paying down debt in 60 months or less works best for ...

Handling Your Money Overseas

Planning to travel overseas soon? You've got to do some homework to do if you want to handle your money the Clark Smart way while you're abroad. But don't worry, here's an easy primer to get you started…   BEFORE YOU GO SHOULD YOU EXCHANGE MONEY AT HOME? My rule ...

Chip and PIN is coming to the U.S.

In the wake of the Target and Neiman Marcus breach, we're finally getting on board with the chip and PIN security standard used the world over. The United States is the only developed nation that has not adopted the chip and PIN standard in our credit and debit cards. We're ...

Your guide to the Target and Neiman Marcus breach

The numbers are staggering. Some 110 million Target customers were impacted. Neiman Marcus now says 1.1 million of its customer were hit too. (Not to mention the emerging news of a breach at Michaels craft stores.) People who shopped at Target and Neiman Marcus during the 2013 holiday season were ...

Target debit card and credit card breach not really their fault?

Target took a real black eye after the theft of up to 70 million credit card and debit card numbers during the holiday season. But is the criticism unwarranted? The Red Retailer has long had the cachet of offering affordable fashion and being the "non-Walmart." In reality, what happened to ...

Best cash-back reward credit cards of 2014

What is the best reward credit card to use? That's a trick question because it's not 1 card, but 2 cards! Consumer Reports says for most people in most cases, 2 reward credit cards are better than 1. You get the greatest total amount of rewards by using 2 for ...

What you need to know about Target's debit and credit card breach

Worried that your debit or credit card was breached at Target during the holiday season? Here's info you need to know. Some 70 million customers who shopped at the Red Retailer had their names, mailing addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, card numbers, expiration dates, and 3-digit security codes stolen at ...

57 items
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