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Credit Reports & Scores

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Timely Rent Payments Will Be Factored Into Your Credit Score

Renters who pay their rent on time each and every month may soon find their credit scores getting a nice boost. If you are a homebuyer and you have a mortgage, that mortgage is reported to the credit bureaus each month. But if you are a renter -- which is ...

Jeremy's Letter: Request Credit Freeze Legislation for Minors

Dear (representative's name), Hello, my name is (your name).  I am (introduce yourself with 1 sentence and state that you are a constituent in their district).  I am writing to ask for your assistance in passing legislation that would protect the credit of children/minors in the state of (your state). ...

What Your Car Says About Your Credit Score

Could the car you drive be an accurate indicator of your credit score? Better check your wheels against this list to see what you're subliminally broadcasting to the world! A fellow I know named Wes Moss wrote a book about what makes a happy retiree and what makes somebody unhappy ...

5 Ways Credit Cards Can Improve Your Credit Score

Whether it’s your weekly grocery-store purchase or planning an international vacation, chances are credit cards are in some way a regular part of your daily life. However, there’s a more silent way credit cards affect you—by impacting your credit score. Three of the most deciding factors that influence your credit ...

Protect Your Child From Identity Theft

While the credit bureaus sit on their hands when it comes to child identity theft, several states have legislation that give parents a tool to prevent it from happening to their child. When a child's identity is stolen, criminals can use their identity to buy homes, open new lines of ...

New Data Breach May Impact 200 Million Americans

It's a data breach that threatens to be twice as large as the Target breach late last year…and you probably haven't heard about it yet. I've been getting a lot of questions posted on my website and from my callers asking about a data breach that came to light during ...

Get Your Free Credit Score

Your credit score shouldn't be a mystery. Now there's a new way you may be able to see your FICO score for free every month. I've long talked about, which allows you to see your non-FICO credit score for free. CreditKarma is a totally free service that makes money ...

A free way to get your credit score today

A free way to get your credit score today

There's a new push for banks to disclose your credit score each month. But you don't have to wait for them to get in gear.

Free access to credit report and score

Getting free access to your credit report and credit score can be easy. At, you can get a free copy of each of your credit reports once each year. In just a couple minutes, you can see how your credit is, but only once a year. This is the ...

Your guide to the Target and Neiman Marcus breach

The numbers are staggering. Some 110 million Target customers were impacted. Neiman Marcus now says 1.1 million of its customer were hit too. (Not to mention the emerging news of a breach at Michaels craft stores.) People who shopped at Target and Neiman Marcus during the 2013 holiday season were ...

110 items
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