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Credit Reports & Scores

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Amnesty from medical debt?

Medical debt is damaging the credit of right around 30 million people, according to the latest figures I've seen. What floors me about this problem is how it's both completely stealth and something that's so easily fixed once you know about it. You would expect that damaged credit because of ...

Good news for non-working spouses and partners seeking credit

New credit regulation go into effect this week that could impact 16 million people. For many years, people were allowed to share their credit cards with authorized users. Husbands historically did this for their stay-at-home spouses who were working in the house with little income to show for it. Unfortunately, ...

Ignore building a credit history?

Young people are turning their backs on credit cards. That's great on one hand, but it also presents some real challenges going forward. "Thirty-nine percent of undergraduate students between the ages of 18 and 24 owned a credit card in 2012, down from 49 percent in 2010," according to a ...

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Credit freeze protects against ID theft

Are you doing things that lay yourself wide open to an identity thief fouling up your life? I'll tell you how to protect yourself. You may have heard that the credit reports and Social Security numbers of celebrities and politicians like Jay-Z, Beyonce, Attorney General Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton, ...

Fixing errors on your credit report

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has been given oversight over the nation's three main credit bureaus, but you still may have to take matters into your own hands if you have an undeserved black mark on your credit file. First, kudos to Columbus Dispatch  reporters Jill Riepenhoff and Mike Wagner ...

Know How To Handle Money in a Relationship

Your credit score has apparently become the new factor in deciding if you are date-worthy or not. The New York Times  reports there are now several websites that try to match people up based on credit score. Among them are and Having given financial advice for decades, I ...

Sample Letter To Request a Credit Freeze

This form can be used to request a credit freeze with any or all of the credit bureaus. To be safe, send your letters certified mail -- return receipt requested. Keep a copy of your letter and attach the return receipt to it when it comes back to you in ...

Clark's No-Giftcard Gift Certificate

Clark can't stand gift cards! He'd rather you give cash so your friends and family never have to hassle with expiration dates, fees, limited choices or rules. Next time you give cash for a gift, print out the certificate below and wrap it around your cash gift. Have fun!   ...

Free credit reports available from big banks

Free credit reports available from big banks

Your big bank might be doing something nice for you for a change! Certain banks and credit unions are offering you free credit reports and more, for a limited time.

An important step to take to avoid ID theft

An important step to take to avoid ID theft

Hackers are hitting more and more databases and they're getting key info on you that can lead to identity theft. But Clark has a preemptive measure to take to protect yourself.

113 items
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