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Index Funds Let You Own the Whole Marketplace

I always get questions about the extremes of investing when I’m out and about. People are either asking me about a stock whose value has soared or collapsed…and they’re wondering if they should get in the game. I am a Priceline junkie going back for years and years. People keep ...

How To Find a Fee-Only Financial Planner

Do you have money to invest, but you're not sure where to put it? Most people who are unsure about investments hire someone to help. Here's how to do that the right way. One of the greatest danger points is mid-career, when you find yourself with a great deal of ...


4 Retirement Planning Tips For Women

I have some disturbing news where women are definitely not living life equal to men. Women tend to live 5 years longer than men on average. Yet they save far more less money for retirement than men, and they tend to invest too conservatively, according to a new study from ...

The Benefits of Targeted Retirement Portfolios

Once upon a time, Americans worked for a single employer for an entire lifetime and got a pension for their years of service. Back then, you didn't have to save for retirement or make any of the accompanying investment decisions. Today, only government jobs and a small number of large ...

How To Avoid Losing $100,000 in Retirement

Employees of smaller companies will have $100,000 less in retirement than workers at bigger companies. But it's not for the reason you think… A study done by found the average worker at a small company who invests in a 401(k) over a lifetime will lose $113,000 of that money. ...

"Cockroaching:" New stockbroker fraud

"Cockroaching:" New stockbroker fraud

Here's a look at the latest scam by unscrupulous stockbrokers, known in the industry as "cockroaching." and The Clark Howard Show offer more money-saving advice.

Savers still facing low interest rates

Savers are getting the short end of the stick while it remains a borrower's paradise thanks to low inflation and the Federal Reserve's refusal to raise interest rates. Normally, a serious bout of inflation would result when you have massive federal budget deficits and the Federal Reserve essentially creating money ...

Investing is getting cheaper

Fidelity Investments is upping the ante in the investment world by lowering the minimum deposits and fees on index funds. Investment minimums are being dropped from $10,000 to $2,500 for entry level investing. And for the Big Money crowd, minimums are shrinking down to $10,000 from $100,000. The fees at ...

The right time to get back in stocks?

The stock market has had a nice run-up of late. So could now be the time to get back in the market? Not so fast. I think you never should have gotten out in the first place. And by getting in right now, you will have already missed the run-up. ...

Dollar cost averaging makes you a fortune over time

What is the best, safest, and most secure move to make with your retirement dough? There's new math out to deal with your anxiety about the direction of the nation's stock market and the economy. Forbes back-tested the stock market using algebra going back month by month to the depths ...

50 items
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