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Roth & Traditional IRAs

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Where Can You Turn as a Small Investor?

If you're a small investor, where can you turn and what can you do when you need investment advice? Free and pay investing advice for the small investor With investing, it's like an alphabet soup. You've got the 401(k), Roth IRA, traditional IRA, SEP, and one and on. But when ...

The average 401(k) fee — a modest-sounding 1 percent — can wipe $70,000 out of the typical retirement account compared with lower-cost plans that are widely available, according to a new study.

5 Costly Retirement Planning Mistakes

The majority of us are aware that the retirement statistics in America are alarming.  Studies tell us that half of all Americans say they can’t afford retirement, and one-third have next to no retirement savings. People are unprepared and don’t realize the impact that costly mistakes can make on their ...

Clark's Investment Guide

When I talk with someone getting started saving for the future, I sometimes notice their eyes glaze over as I answer their question. It's typical -- investing can seem so complicated that you might feel tempted to shut down and do nothing -- or hire a salesperson to guide you.  ...


Robo-Advisor vs. Digital Advisor: What's Right For You?

There’s no arguing that technology has made an indescribable impact on our everyday lives.  With all of the innovations staring at us practically every minute, it makes it hard to remember the “old days.”  Harken back to when your print newspaper was waiting for you on the front step in ...

Acorns and Robin Hood Geared Toward the Smartphone Investor

I'm asked a lot of questions about a free app named Acorns that lets you invest small dribs and drabs of change from larger purchases. Acorns turn your spare change into investment money Here's how this works: You give Acorns your log-in info for your credit or debit card accounts, ...


4 Retirement Planning Tips For Women

I have some disturbing news where women are definitely not living life equal to men. Women tend to live 5 years longer than men on average. Yet they save far more less money for retirement than men, and they tend to invest too conservatively, according to a new study from ...


Get Free Money To Save for Retirement

So many people come up to me and say, "All that stuff you talk about saving is great…for people who make a lot of money. But what about the rest of us?" Well, there's a federal program that's been around for years to encourage people to save for the future. ...

Is a Financial Planner Worth the Cost?

Is a financial planner worth the cost? Is it a smart money move to dedicate some of that hard-earned cash to someone else to have them move it around in the market? All too often, people are quick to answer that financial planners and advisors aren’t worth the cost. They ...

The #1 influence to your financial future

The #1 influence to your financial future

An endless number of books and articles have been written to help you make smart moves with your money. But in the end, only 1 factor really matters above all others!

When You Should Take the Lump Sum Over the Pension

If you have worked at a company for 10 years or more, one day you may very well be faced with the following situation:  Your company is offering you a chunk of money or a perpetual monthly amount of income to either retire today or to help you “retire early.” ...

143 items
Results 1 - 10 of 143next >