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Roth & Traditional IRAs

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The Benefits of Targeted Retirement Portfolios

Once upon a time, Americans worked for a single employer for an entire lifetime and got a pension for their years of service. Back then, you didn't have to save for retirement or make any of the accompanying investment decisions. Today, only government jobs and a small number of large ...

5 Ways To Mess Up Your Investments

Did you know that Millennials are the most likely age group to have five months’ worth of cash savings set aside for a rainy day? The findings might surprise you if you’ve bought into the idea that Gen Y doesn’t know how to manage their money. We might not have ...

Purchase the right kind of mutual fund

Purchase the right kind of mutual fund

A lot of people stash their savings in money-market funds. But there are actually 2 flavors—and one won't allow access to your money in the event of a financial storm. Know the difference?

3 Mistakes of Unhappy Retirees

There’s so much talk today about the financial side of retirement.  Save more, invest more, have more, but for what? For you the answer may be financial independence, or maybe just the ability to stop working at a job you don’t like.  There’s more to retirement than just saving a ...

Baby Steps To Help You Save For Retirement

Unless you want to keep working forever, you've got to learn how to save more today for your retirement tomorrow. Why you need to get started saving -- now! What percent of Americans contribute to an IRA or Roth IRA? Less than one in four, according to one new survey. ...

You could reap 40% more in retirement savings

You could reap 40% more in retirement savings

Making the right investment choices does not mean just picking the right funds. It means avoiding the #1 financial mistake that could cost you 40% of your retirement nest egg!

How To Avoid Losing $100,000 in Retirement

Employees of smaller companies will have $100,000 less in retirement than workers at bigger companies. But it's not for the reason you think… A study done by found the average worker at a small company who invests in a 401(k) over a lifetime will lose $113,000 of that money. ...

Exchange-Traded Funds Offer Virtually Free Investing

I have a popular feature on my website called Clark's Investment Guide. Now, I am not an investment adviser, that's not what I do. But I have a long history going back to my father who taught me when I was in elementary school how to read stock tables. In ...

Should You Sell Or Stay Put In The Stock Market?

As the stock market keeps climbing into the stratosphere, I have some advice for panicky investors worried about a market that seems to know no mountain it cannot scale. The numbers are now in for the last quarter and the U.S. stock market had a fantastic first 6 months of ...

4 Retirement Planning Tips for Women

I have some disturbing news where women are definitely not living life equal to men. Women tend to live 5 years longer than men on average. Yet they save far more less money for retirement than men, and they tend to invest too conservatively. When you just save money, rather ...

137 items
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