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Roth & Traditional IRAs

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Why Compound Interest Is A Saver's Best Friend

Imagine someone told you that if you started contributing to your retirement accounts when you were 21 years old, your future nest egg would likely be worth more than if you had started contributing to it when you were 40—even if you made much higher monthly contributions when you were ...

Low cost alternative for Investment Advice

Low cost alternative for Investment Advice

Are you getting rooked? Studies show that too many investment advisors are more concerned about commission than your finances. But now you have a low-cost alternative from a leading brokerage.

Free Investment Advice for the Small Investor

For many years, the Big 3 discount investing houses -- Fidelity, Schwab and Vanguard -- operated on a simple full service vs. self service model. You could either pay them to handle your investments or you could do it yourself. But now most of those companies offer an in-between option ...

Is The Stock Market Rigged?

Reports are now emerging that the stock market is rigged against small investors. But while that may add to your cynicism, it shouldn't subtract from your desire to save and invest. At the heart of the latest scandals is what's called HFT (high frequency trading). This is where insiders cook ...

How To Get The Maximum Social Security Check

Want to know how to get the biggest Social Security check when you retire? I have guidance to help you. Recent media reports scared people into thinking they will almost never be able to retire. Sure, a lot of people have trouble saving today for tomorrow. But in the midst ...

Don't put money in employer stock

Are you guilty of making what SmartMoney  magazine calls "the dumbest investment move" in your 401(k) at work? I have never been a fan of putting retirement money in employer stock. Let me be perfectly clear: I believe only employers who do not value their employees offer company stock in ...

How to retire a millionaire at any age

Years ago, I popped up a chart on my website called Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? The chart detailed how a 15-year-old teenager can save just $2,000 a year for 7 years. Then, never saving another penny again, the money can grow to be $1,000,000 at 65. Then I ...

Is a stock market crash coming?

The stock market is overvalued and a crater in values may be next. So what should you be doing right now? Most Americans contribute to the stock market through their 401(k) at work. Each paycheck has a set amount deducted from it (a process known as "dollar cost averaging") and ...

Get an automatic pay raise at work without asking

You wouldn't turn down a pay raise at work, right? Yet chances are you could be leaving free money on the table at your employer. A recent Charles Schwab survey finds that three out of every four people don't pick up the full company match in their company's retirement savings ...

The real cost of that 401(k) loan

It might be tempting to borrow against your 401(k), but have you ever thought of the real cost of that loan? Some 1 in 5 Americans treat their retirement account like a savings account to draw on at will. Certain 401(k) plans even offer a debit card option for you ...

137 items
Results 11 - 20 of 137< previousnext >