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Roth & Traditional IRAs

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Individual stock picks vs. index funds

I always get questions about the extremes of investing when I’m out and about. People are either asking me about a stock whose value has soared or collapsed…and they’re wondering if they should get in the game. I am a Priceline junkie going back for years and years. People keep ...

Don't overpay for 401(k) money management

Don't overpay for 401(k) money management

How much are you paying to have your 401(k) money managed? If it's more than this figure, Clark has homework for you.

Where can you turn as a small investor?

If you're a small investor, where can you turn and what can you do when you need investment advice? With investing, it's like an alphabet soup. You've got the 401(k), Roth IRA, traditional IRA, SEP, and one and on. But when you open up one of those plans, that's just ... and The Clark Howard Show offer more money-saving advice.

Savers still facing low interest rates

Savers are getting the short end of the stick while it remains a borrower's paradise thanks to low inflation and the Federal Reserve's refusal to raise interest rates. Normally, a serious bout of inflation would result when you have massive federal budget deficits and the Federal Reserve essentially creating money ...

Investing is getting cheaper

Fidelity Investments is upping the ante in the investment world by lowering the minimum deposits and fees on index funds. Investment minimums are being dropped from $10,000 to $2,500 for entry level investing. And for the Big Money crowd, minimums are shrinking down to $10,000 from $100,000. The fees at ...

Which kind of financial advisor is right for you?

Which kind of financial advisor is right for you?

Will you get better long-term investment returns from commissioned or flat-fee brokers? Here's how to maximize your money for retirement.

Stock market jitters worry investors

Are you among those investors who ran to bond funds for safe harbor when the stock market went topsy-turvy? Those who did so generally saw nice rewards from making the move. But there is a hidden danger that I want to make you aware of. The Federal Reserve has signalled ...

How much do you need to save for retirement?

A new study from the Pew Charitable Trust warns that so-called late boomers and members of Generation X will face declining standards of life in retirement because they haven't saved enough. Late boomers are defined as those born after 1956, while Generation X is made up of those born between ...

Seniors and AFSCME union members try to get in to meet with a representative of Humana to deliver a letter protesting what they say is misinformation on the health care bills distributed by Humana.  William G. Cea, a member of the Executive Board of the Alliance for Retired Americans, and Fransetta talk to a Humana employee as they try to meet with the office manager. (Lannis Waters/The Palm Beach Post)

Can you really work until you drop dead?

The following has occurred to me countless times; maybe it has you as well. Perhaps you’ve even been the one to utter those oft-repeated words. Two or more people are talking about how far behind they are in saving for retirement. They’ve saved so little, in fact, that the idea of ...

Majority of people plan for retirement in the wrong way

So often, Clark gives general "one size fits all" advice about your retirement savings. But can be used to analyze your specific situation. This website takes a very granular look at your retirement plan. Using Monte Carlo simulation, it generates a worst case, best case and intermediate case scenario ...

130 items
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