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Scams & Rip-Offs

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3 Tips to Get the Most Value Out of Gift Cards

Gift cards are really popular this time of year. But when you buy one, I want to make sure you are protected. Is your gift card going to be emptied before you even use it? Gift cards sold off display racks at stores are becoming a hot target for scamsters ...

Why You Need To Turn Paper Statements Back On

Another day, another report about major security breaches! I read recently about a ring of hackers figured out how to break into the big banks' back office system in the fall of 2013. To this point, at least $1 billion has been stolen. And that's the floor, not the ceiling, ...

Alternatives To Costly Car Rental Insurance

Many people only rent cars about twice a year, once during a summer vacation and once during the Christmas holidays. That leaves a lot of unsuspecting motorists open to common rip-off fees that the car-rental agencies like to push. Here are some simple ways to make sure you get cheap ...

Watch out for this IRS phone scam

Watch out for this IRS phone scam

An ugly IRS phone scam is cheating people across America out of thousands. What look for and how to avoid it.

Beware of These Hotel Fees

Hotels are coming up with more and more gotcha fees for unsuspecting travelers. I want to outline some of the most common ones I've avoided in recent weeks on the road. The hotel industry is desperate with how soft revenue has been so they're looking for any way to spring ...

Supermarket Clerk Foils IRS Back Taxes Scam

A supermarket clerk in Washington was able to stop a woman from losing thousands in a scam. Fake IRS phone scam of a new variety reports a 54-year-old woman approached a Safeway clerk trying to buy $2,400 in prepaid cards. But the clerk smelled something fishy. Upon questioning, the ...

Don’t believe firms that offer to erase a bankrupcy.

Can Credit Repair Really Raise Your Score?

The promise of credit repair outfits is an alluring one -- they say they'll remove bad credit marks from your record for a price. But what's the real deal? Credit repair firms make promises they can't keep In a recent Consumer Federation of America survey, more than half of all ...

Important: Protect against the Anthem breach

Important: Protect against the Anthem breach

The Anthem security breach affects eighty million people, and it's the most harmful one in memory. Here are the steps you need to take now to make sure your information is safe.


How To Hack Your Keurig 2.0

UPDATE: Rogers Family Company will send you a Freedom Clip FOR FREE to help you get around the lock-out technology described below. One per household, please. This offer is from a coffer seller, but you are under no obligation to buy any coffee from them. The cost of what you ...

Fake IRS Phone Scam Making the Rounds

In the leadup to April 15, scamsters are working overtime trying to get your money in a continuing phone scam. The Internal Revenue Service reports sophisticated IRS impostors are calling people and demanding immediate payment. In some cases they're also impersonating local law enforcement and threatening you with immediate arrest ...

387 items
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