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Credit Counseling

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Don't fall for debt-relief scams

Don't fall for debt-relief scams

Troubled by credit card or loan debt? You've heard pitches about how somebody can wipe it away for pennies on the dollar. Watch this before you take that leap.

Find a fee-only financial planner

Do you have money to invest, but you're not sure where to put it? Most people who are unsure about investments hire someone to help. One of the greatest danger points is in mid-career, when you find yourself with a great deal of money in a 401K. At that time ...

Can credit repair firms really raise your credit score?

The promise of credit repair outfits is an alluring one -- they say they'll remove bad credit marks from your record for a price. But what's the real deal? In a recent Consumer Federation of America survey, more than half of all respondents thought credit repair firms were a legitimate ...

Debt-settlement outfits make hollow promises

Have you seen those ads being run by the debt-settlement outfits on late-night TV? They promise to reduce your credit card debt to just pennies on the dollar without making you file for bankruptcy. However, that promise is an illusion. Here's the scoop: You usually pay an upfront fee to ...

4 items