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Travel Scams

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Inside the Timeshare Sales Pitch

I recently had the opportunity to use a family member’s timeshare package to take a vacation. Moments after arriving at the resort, the staff had already set the wheels in motion in hopes of selling me my own timeshare. The timeshare indoctrination begins... After checking in, a man at the ...

Alternatives To Costly Car Rental Insurance

Many people only rent cars about twice a year, once during a summer vacation and once during the Christmas holidays. That leaves a lot of unsuspecting motorists open to common rip-off fees that the car-rental agencies like to push. Here are some simple ways to make sure you get cheap ...

Beware of These Hotel Fees

Hotels are coming up with more and more gotcha fees for unsuspecting travelers. I want to outline some of the most common ones I've avoided in recent weeks on the road. The hotel industry is desperate with how soft revenue has been so they're looking for any way to spring ...


5 Misleading Ads That Can Wipe Out Your Wallet

The motto of my show is "save more, spend less, and avoid ripoffs." But what if you can’t recognize those ripoffs when you’re faced with alluring advertising pitches? Here are 5 kinds of misleading ads to watch out for. Pay your home off in half the time! You can pay ...


Beware of This Hot Vacation Rental Scam

Be careful the next time you go to book a vacation rental property from the owner. I've uncovered a fraud that could be the tip of the iceberg on a national scandal level. If you listen to me, you know I love to travel. By following my #1 rule of ...

What's Up With Travel Clubs Promising Free Travel?

I've been getting a steady drumbeat of calls about something I thought died 6 years ago: Travel clubs promising free or discounted travel. Vacation club sales being pushed by postcard, e-mail, and telephone This is a pitch that can come to you in a variety of ways, either by phone ...

Are online Flash Sales really a deal?

Are online Flash Sales really a deal?

Seen any travel deals online that require you to buy within an hour or two? Think twice. Here's why.

The truth behind Spirit Air's low prices

The truth behind Spirit Air's low prices

As leisure travel season ramps up, you may see tantalizing low fares on Spirit Air. But Clark has a warning about those eye-popping deals!

The #1 Mistake People Make At Hotel Checkout

There's an ugly ongoing problem when you check in or out of a hotel. At the desk, you're always asked to give a form of payment like a credit card or a debit card so if you trash the room, they have something on you. But then a lot of ...

Hottest Scams Targeting International Travelers

Americans are set to travel overseas this spring and summer in what could be record numbers. That's great news because I love international travel so much. But there are some dangers you need to be aware of. Before you go, you'll want to brush up on some of the hottest ...

70 items
Results 1 - 10 of 70next >