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5 Must-Try Spring Wines Under $15

Step one foot into any wine shop and the selection can be overwhelming. Hundreds or maybe even thousands of bottles surround you and you might not have any idea where to begin. Red or white? Domestic or imported? Sweet or dry? Relax! We asked Crystal Cameron, sommelier and owner of ...

Avoid Craigslist criminals and scams

Avoid Craigslist criminals and scams

Craigslist has been plagued with scamsters and even violent criminals. Here's how to use it safely...

Best and Worst Supermarket Chains

A new tally of supermarkets names a Northeastern regional chain as the best grocery store in the nation. Consumer Reports has crunched the data and found Wegmans to be the top pick. For those who are not familiar with Wegmans, this is a store that has been consistently adored through ...

Who Should You Tip and How Much Should You Give?

Do you consider yourself a good tipper? Most of us would like to think that we are, but it's easy to get confused about who gets a tip and how much. We consulted national etiquette expert Diane Gottsman for some advice. Gottsman says, "Those in the service industry rely on ...

Don't get short-changed when selling gold

Don't get short-changed when selling gold

Looking to sell unwanted gold jewelry for cash? Studies show too many are getting short changed. There's only one way to make sure you're getting the real value.

Price anchoring catches on at retail

Let’s say you’re out in the stores and you see two sets of sheets, both on markdown. One was originally $150 marked down to $69, and the other was originally $99 now marked down to $49. Most people go for the former, the one with the bigger “was/is” difference. But ...

How to get the best pizza value

Think a bigger pizza is always a better value? Before you place your next delivery order, we found a handy calculator that might save you some dough. The number you want to figure out is the cost per square inch. We compared prices for 12-inch medium and 14-inch large cheese ...

A hidden danger of bottled water

I have talked for years about the enormous waste of money that drinking bottled water can be. One figure I've seen suggests that a dedicated drinker can blow as much as $1,400 a year on bottled water. That is big bucks for you to throw away! But this story just ...

Self-tying shoes: Have we gone too far?

Self-tying shoes: Have we gone too far?

Think people are getting too lazy today? Well, it's about to get worse with the introduction of self-tying shoes in 2015!

3 Great Deals at the Dollar Store

Been to the dollar store lately? You would be amazed at what you can buy for only $1. Considering the level of inflation over the last couple of decades, the dollar store provides price consistency that other popular chain stores cannot. Here are 3 great deals I like at the ...

772 items
Results 1 - 10 of 772next >