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Cyber Monday Shopping Guide

For those who want nothing to do with the madness that comes with Black Friday and prefer to spend the day after Thanksgiving digesting with loved ones, Cyber Monday provides the chance to scoop up similar doorbuster savings online. As the Internet continues to grow as a popular destination to buy gifts during the ...


How To Avoid Going Into Debt for the Holidays

With the holidays around the corner, it is time to start thinking of everything that comes with the season. From putting up lights on your house to buying gifts for your loved ones, there is a lot to get done. Because of this, the Christmas season can be stressful and ...

Thanksgiving shopping strategies

Thanksgiving shopping strategies

Many stores will again be opening their doors on Thanksgiving to get a jump on Black Friday sales. Here's where the deals are happening this year.


3 Tricks to Get Cashiers To Help You Spend Less

If you’re looking to spend less when shopping, how about making a cashier your tour guide to savings? It sounds counterintuitive, right? That’s precisely what shopping can be like when you follow these tips and have the cashiers function as money-saving mentors when you are looking to shop wisely. Here ...


Who's Going To Be Open on Thanksgiving Day?

Last year, I upset many of you when I went shopping on Thanksgiving evening. There are many who feel that it is unfair of stores to ask employees to come in and leave their families on Thanksgiving Day, and there have even been some protests and boycotts of stores who ...

2014 Ratings: The best new mattresses

2014 Ratings: The best new mattresses

Looking for the best mattress? Here are the latest findings from Consumer Reports showing which ones give the most for your money.

Swash Lets You Dry Clean at Home on the Cheap

Is dry cleaning your clothes getting too expensive for you? Procter & Gamble has an alternative that might fill a niche in the marketplace. Every time there's a new and improved way to dry clean clothes, there's a lot of media interest. In my TV work, we always test these ...

Hot gift: $99 Go-Pro camera alternatives

Hot gift: $99 Go-Pro camera alternatives

GoPro cameras are hot for active folks. But just in time for Christmas, there are some new cheaper alternatives starting at just $99!

Coupon Code Savings Minus the False Leads

Feeling frustrated by coupon code sites that give you false leads? There's a new way to save money when you're shopping online that involves no work at all! The easiest way to find coupon codes There is a browser extension called Coupons at Checkout that is compatible with PC and ...

How To Buy Appliances Without Relying on Energy Star

There have been rumors for years that the Energy Star program was corrupt. But now Clark has some actual evidence to share with you. Undercover federal investigators submitted 20 fake products to the Energy Star program and 15 received virtually immediate approval. These were completely fabricated products that did not ...

151 items
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