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Purchasing & Returning

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• When you're buying online, it's best to buy from a retailer that allows you to return merchandise to an actual store.

• Many stores now are limiting or refusing to accept a return if you don't have a receipt.

• In most states, retailers are permitted to adopt any return or exchange policy, as long as they announce the policy to customers. That includes refusing any refund or exchange.

• Find out the store's policy on returns and exchanges before you shop there. Be aware, too, that return policies are different from refund policies. The policy may be printed on your receipt or posted near the cash registers.

• You have to make your own decision about whether to patronize a store with a rigid refund or exchange policy. If you are willing to take your chances in return for a better price, then go in with your eyes open.

• If you're buying a gift or shopping by catalog, make sure the item can be returned for a full refund.

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Protect against retail data breach this holiday

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Thanksgiving shopping strategies

Thanksgiving shopping strategies

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