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The Internet has changed the world we live in, opening up communication, and allowing us to shop, bank and research anything online. It's also created a world where mobile phones are getting cheaper and more sophisticated all the time, allowing social networking to become the preferred way of communicating. Stay on top of all the trends here.

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T-Mobile offering unlimited free music

T-Mobile offering unlimited free music

If music on the go is your thing, T-Mobile is a cell provider to look at. Clark explains how the mobile carrier is bring the music to the people.

Free Internet Speed Test Available Online

Every year, the Federal Communications Commission does an Internet speed test on the service being offered by your DSL or cable modem provider. Are you really getting the speed you're paying for? It used to be very common in the past that you'd be promised something and seldom get anywhere ...

Ryan Block's Comcast Customer Retention Nightmare

Have you ever tried to fire your cable or Internet company and gotten the runaround from the customer retention department? Technology writer Ryan Block got the runaround to end all runarounds when he and his wife recently tried to cancel their Comcast service. After 10 fruitless minutes of his wife ...

What is your social footprint saying about you?

What is your social footprint saying about you?

Headds up, job seekers. Many, if not most employers are doing social media checks before they consider you for an interview now.

Channel Master Offers DVR Without Subscription

How much are you paying each month for your TiVo? There's a new competitor that has no monthly fee and lets you record your favorite shows in HD! I have never used a TiVo-branded DVR even though I'm all about getting TV over the air instead of through pay TV ...

Free iPhone 5s Trial From T-Mobile

T-Mobile has faced challenges trying to attract customers from AT&T and Verizon. So now they’ve hit on a new strategy: Giving free iPhones for 1 week so potential customers can take their network on a test drive! The self-proclaimed “Un-carrier” did away with contracts back in 2013. But they’ve been ...

Apps That Help Prevent Texting While Driving

Parents of teen drivers have yet more weapons in their arsenal when it comes to keeping their kids safe behind the wheel. I told you recently about a pay service called that disables texting while driving. But at $30, this app is more on the expensive end of the ...

A Parent's Guide To Mobile Device Safety

Smartphones and tablets are great for keeping kids entertained on long road trips or in the carpool line. But there are some dangers to your wallet when your kids play with your gadgets. In-game app charges on kids' games have become a real problem for parents. It's not uncommon for ...

Social media new breeding ground for ID Theft

Social media new breeding ground for ID Theft

Gotten any friend requests recently on Facebook? Here's why you might want to think twice before accepting them -- even if you think you know the person.

How Much Is That Home Printer Actually Costing You?

For almost as long as there have been home computers there has been the belief that you needed a printer to go along with it. But let’s rethink that idea—do you really need a printer at home? Everybody’s situation is a little different, so maybe you need to print stuff ...

678 items
Results 1 - 10 of 678next >