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We used to have no choice when it came to telephone and television service. Monopolies tied our hands and kept prices elevated. Today, we have so many choices, and every year new technologies offer even more possibilities to us.Helpful Guides and Links:
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Cheaper Cell Phone Bills Will Be the Wave of the Future

The cellphone industry is going through the most historic shift in pricing we've seen in almost 2 decades. I firmly believe the wave of the future is cellphone bills being somewhere around $10 a month! $10 will be the new norm for cellphone bills Verizon and AT&T have a dirty ...

Get the Most Money for Your Old Phone

Did you upgrade to the latest, greatest smartphone recently? I want you to be sure you're getting top dollar for your gently used old one! We’re in the time of year that so many 2-year contracts are expiring and there’s a big push from the wireless carriers to get you ...


Best Cell Phone Carriers

Cell phone plans are dropping like a rock in cost. I recently heard the Verizon CEO whining about how all the new deals in the marketplace are making it tough for Verizon to keep customers. Then he made a snide remark about how all that matters is the network, and ...

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Hot New Cellphone Deal for Singles

So much of the action in the cellphone world centers on family plans. But what if you're just 1 person looking for a deal? Best cell deal for a single person Here's a limited time offer from Metro PCS. You get unlimited high speed data, talk, and text for $50 ...

Virgin Mobile Readies "Data Done Right"

Virgin Mobile USA has been a consumer champion in the no-contract wireless industry since 2002. Now the wireless company is teaming up with Walmart to offer a contract-free data-sharing plan called "Data Done Right." The plans will start at $30 per line. But the real clincher, I think, is the ...

Cheap Ways To Get New e-Book Titles

Book lovers no longer need have "service envy" toward Hulu Plus and Netflix customers who can binge on endless TV. You're getting a similar service of your very own!   Try these affordable e-book services Oyster is a new service for e-book readers that offers unlimited books on an all ...

CES 2015: Where the tech deals will be this year

CES 2015: Where the tech deals will be this year

Let others spend big bucks being early adopters. Clark shows you where prices are headed on the best tech deals this year @ the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show.


My Favorite Gadgets at CES 2015

While at CES, I got a chance to interview Jim Barry (@ceaanswerman), the Digital Answer Man and media spokesman for the Consumer Electronics Association. One of the things I discussed with Jim was how the "Internet of things" concept that was so fuzzy to me in years past really came ...


CES 2015: Cheap Drones, Fitness Bands, 4KTVs and More!

Today I'm broadcasting live from Las Vegas for CES 2015, the International Consumer Electronics Show. And all I can say is…wow! This is like the SuperBowl and World Series tied up in one for me. It's great to be here and see the innovation at CES. My goal is to ...

How social media life can affect your work life

How social media life can affect your work life

High school seniors are becoming more aware of how their social media presence could affect them getting into college.

380 items
Results 1 - 10 of 380next >