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We used to have no choice when it came to telephone and television service. Monopolies tied our hands and kept prices elevated. Today, we have so many choices, and every year new technologies offer even more possibilities to us.Helpful Guides and Links:
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Apps to extend your phone's battery life

Apps to extend your phone's battery life

Is your smartphone always running out of battery life? Here are some free ways to get through the day without needing a recharge.

Smartphone Service Starting at $10 a Month

Here's an early Christmas present: I've got a great money saver for your monthly cell phone bill! Republic Wireless, which offers the best cell phone deal in America, started selling the Moto e today for $99 with no contract. This is a mid-range Android with a 4.3" screen. But that's ...

Free app turns phone into panic button

Free app turns phone into panic button

A 12-year-old kid has invented a free Android app that turns your phone into a panic button in case of emergency!

Employer-supplied cellphone? Protect your data

Employer-supplied cellphone? Protect your data

Does your employer pay the bill for your cellphone? This important tip could help protect your data in the event you get fired.

Free App Could Save Your Life in an Emergency

The power button on your phone could save your life…thanks to a free app developed by a 12 year old. Dylan Puccetti of Galveston, TX., developed Save Me Pro after learning about a kidnapping that took place in his town during the late '90s. This app turns your phone into ...

Beware of Employers Wiping Your Phone Clean

I have never accepted a cellphone from any employer I've ever had. But if you have, there's a growing danger I want you to know about! Many workplaces have BYOD policies. They'll pay for your cellphone service, but you bring your own device. Your boss and the data-wiping epidemic! Here's ...

How To Wipe Your Phone Clean Before Selling It

Thinking about selling your smartphone to buy a newer, fancier model? You going to want to make sure you've wiped your phone clean before you send it out into the world. After all, you don't want your photos, emails, or sensitive financial info falling into the wrong hands! One of ...

Double Your Data With AT&T

AT&T has an offer through the end of October for existing customers that will let you double the data on your plan. That new offer for Mobile Share Value plans gives you so much data that for all intents and purposes, it might as well be unlimited. "New and existing ...

More Options for Mobile Merchant Credit Card Processing

Nine years ago after a trip to Japan, I came back home and raved on air about watching people use their cell phones to pay for things. Now that kind of thing is common here. Save money on merchant processing fees A company I've talked about a few times recently, ...

CHART: Historic Pricing Cuts in Cellphone World

Week after week, we continue witnessing historic pricing drops in the cellphone world. I'm making it my mission to keep you up to date on the best individual plans and the best family plans. The days of signing a contract with a wireless provider for 2 years in return for ...

360 items
Results 1 - 10 of 360next >