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We used to have no choice when it came to telephone and television service. Monopolies tied our hands and kept prices elevated. Today, we have so many choices, and every year new technologies offer even more possibilities to us.Helpful Guides and Links:
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Cut Your Bill for Verizon Service by 75%!

You can save up to 60% or 75% on your monthly cellphone bill while still enjoying the same service from your current cellphone provider... Here's how! The Big 4 have secret discount brands AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile have long had these secret sub-brands for price-sensitive customers. AT&T has Cricket Wireless, ...


Get Microsoft Office for Free!

Microsoft is having a tough time figuring out where it fits in the modern era. Don't get me wrong; the company still generates massive revenue. But they're not a "hot" company like Apple. In fact, unlike Apple, Microsoft announcements generally go unnoticed. But here's one I want you to know ...

Smartphone and Data Plan Guide for 2015

The cost of monthly cell phone service is dropping. The change for your wallet is the best since the last big wave of discounting began 15 years ago. Plans and services are morphing in many different directions at once. That makes saving money more complicated and requires you to decide ...

T-Mobile offers good plans even with bad credit

T-Mobile offers good plans even with bad credit

Most cell phone providers penalize customers with bad credit…but this company wants to change that.

Google Wants To Be Your Cellphone Company

Google is preparing to enter the wireless market with a new service that promises to send calls beyond just your cellphone. Google want to be your cellphone provider The details about the new Google service are being leaked on industry blogs. Word on the street is that you will be ...

Low price, lesser-known cell providers top latest ratings

Low price, lesser-known cell providers top latest ratings

Some cell phone providers are offering plans for as low as $5/ month. Here are some companies to check, and some ones to avoid.

Smartphone shopping: Savings + security

Smartphone shopping: Savings + security

Some of the best shopping deals will come from your smart phone, not your computer. Here’s why buying on your phone may also be a more secure way to shop.


More Ways To Save Money on Smartphone Service

It seems that not a week goes by without an announcement of new lower price points in the cellphone world. The reality is if you haven't shopped your monthly rate in the last few months, you're almost certainly paying too much. Two new lower cellphone rates The latest news is ...


How To Opt Out of Verizon's Super Cookie Tracking

Verizon continues pushing its supercookies on users to track everything you ever do on a phone -- every email, every page you visit, everything you click -- to build a data-rich dossier and sell it to marketers.  AT&T had its own supercookie as an experiment too, but they abandoned the ...

Cheaper Cell Phone Bills Will Be the Wave of the Future

The cellphone industry is going through the most historic shift in pricing we've seen in almost 2 decades. But how low will prices go? $10 will be the new norm for cellphone bills Verizon and AT&T have a dirty little secret they don't want you to know: Their cost of ...

386 items
Results 1 - 10 of 386next >