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Choosing a Cell Phone

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Freedom Pop cuts its rates

It seems like every week brings another rate cut on smartphone service. Here’s the latest round of price drops that can save you big bucks.   There’s a very controversial cell provider called Freedom Pop that launched new rate plans today. I should preface this by noting that some of ...

Free smartphone service from Freedom Pop

Free smartphone service from FreedomPop is finally here! But you'll have to meet certain requirements to get the most out of this deal. Here's how it works: You buy a $99 Android (HTC EVO Design 12GB) that's a past generation model. It has a 4-inch screen like the iPhone 5, ...

Capable Android smartphones at dirt cheap prices

2014 is poised to be the breakthrough year for capable non-contract Androids that are dirt cheap. Google will be the key influencer in this trend with its Moto G phone. The Moto G is a non-contract smartphone with 4.5-inch screen that's available for $179 through Amazon and other retailers. Huawei ...

Scratch Wireless: Free smartphone plan

Here's another new option for FREE text, talk, and unlimited data on your smartphone from a startup out of Boston. I told you recently about the offer of limited free smartphone service from FreedomPop. Now a new company called Scratch Wireless that launched in October 2013 has another offer. Research ...

A Windows laptop that becomes an Android tablet?

As I walk around CES looking at all these amazing TVs, I can't help but note the irony. I'm that guy who doesn't watch TV as a general rule. When the Super Bowl is over, I won't watch TV again until the NFL kicks off in September. Football is the ...

T-Mobile fires back at AT&T with $650 switch offer

Earlier this week, I told you how you could make $450 by dumping T-Mobile and going to AT&T. Now T-Mobile has come roaring back with a better offer of its own. T-Mobile is offering to pay your early termination fees to the tune of $650 when you leave AT&T, Sprint, ...

Forget about Sprint family plans…Introducing the "Framily" plan!

Sprint has a new $25 smartphone offer for large groups of family and friends, but they're overthinking how they make you get to that low price. The telecom company has introduced what it's calling the no contract "Framily" plan…just when you thought you might get through the first full week ...

Free smartphone service for college kids

College students can now qualify for 12 months of free smartphone service through Sprint and Best Buy. The wireless provider and the electronics retailer are teaming up to offer college students a free year of no-contract text, talk, and 1GB of data a month. (You'll pay $10 a month for ...

Best smartphone deal for 2014

Best smartphone deal for 2014

Unlimited calling, texting, and data for $25/month. It's the most compelling price for a smartphone plan in America right now, and here's how you can get it.

Affordable phones for non-contract wireless plans

Affordable phones for non-contract wireless plans

Wireless providers are booming with their low no-contract pricing. But how do you get an affordable phone now that it's not being subsidized?

162 items
Results 11 - 20 of 162< previousnext >