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CES 2015: Cheap Drones, Fitness Bands, 4KTVs and More!

Today I'm broadcasting live from Las Vegas for CES 2015, the International Consumer Electronics Show. And all I can say is…wow! This is like the SuperBowl and World Series tied up in one for me. It's great to be here and see the innovation at CES. My goal is to ...

Smartphone and Data Plan Guide for 2015

The cost of monthly cell phone service is dropping. The change for your wallet is the best since the last big wave of discounting began 15 years ago. Plans and services are morphing in many different directions at once. That makes saving money more complicated and requires you to decide ...

How to wipe your phone clean before upgrading

How to wipe your phone clean before upgrading

Your personal information and private photos could end up in the wrong hands if you sell your smart phone and don't erase it completely.

Cheap options for home phone service

What are you paying for home phone service? There's a way you could lower that bill to $15 a month. People who love their home phones often love them because they're so reliable in a storm or power outage. However, that could be about to change. AT&T is doing a ...

Cheap Landline Home Phone Service

Still stuck paying $35 or more for a home phone that you can't or don't want to give up? I have a new option that could lower your cost for the same service to $15 a month! Check out this option for affordable landline service Verizon and Straight Talk are ...

Cheapest option for using your phone abroad

In an unprecedented move, T-Mobile has introduced the cheapest way to use your cellphone overseas. It wasn't long ago that T-Mobile did away with contracts. Now the next phase of their "Un-Carrier" plan has been announced: Unlimited data and free texting when you travel abroad, plus 20 cents a minute ...

Woman on her mobile phone in a coffee shop

Walmart Family Mobile offers deals

Walmart has lowered price points on its Family Mobile service, which runs on T-Mobile's network. Walmart Family Mobile costs $39.99/month for unlimited calling and texting, plus 2.5 GB of 3G data. (Most people use an average of 1 GB of data on a monthly basis.) If you only want unlimited ...

Best cable and landline services

Consumer Reports took an in-depth look at the best cable and landline providers and named a little-known provider as its top pick. Regional provider WOW! gets the best overall score for cable, phone and telecom. Unfortunately, this underdog company only serves a select number of cities in the Midwest and ...

T-Mobile rolls out new non-contract plans

T-Mobile is entering the non-contract world. And they're keeping it simple with just three plans. For $50/month the T-Mobile plan offers 500 MB of high-speed data, with Smartphone Mobile HotSpot service included. For $60/month, you get 2.5 GB of high-speed data and a HotSpot. In both these plans, data speeds ...

Free long distance throughout U.S., Canada

Free long distance throughout U.S., Canada

Are you still paying for long distance? You can actually get free calls to the U.S. and Canada just by having the right e-mail account. Clark explains.

58 items
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