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CHART: Historic Pricing Cuts in Cellphone World

Week after week, we continue witnessing historic pricing drops in the cellphone world. I'm making it my mission to keep you up to date on the best individual plans and the best family plans. The days of signing a contract with a wireless provider for 2 years in return for ...


Three of the nation's Big 4 cellphone carriers have announced rate cuts, and they represent the most historic pricing drop in almost 20 years! Here's your guide to saving money on wireless service. Huge new rate cuts from 3 of the Big 4  T-Mobile changed the market for the big ...

Free Ways To Stretch Your Phone's Battery Life

If you're in the smartphone orbit, you know that you're always fighting the life of the battery. That's prompted Apple to issue battery replacements for some iPhone 5 customers who have reported shorter battery life or the need for frequent recharging. "The affected iPhone 5 devices were sold between September ...

The Cheapest Cell Phone Plan Worth Having

Looking to slash the expenses in your budget, but feel as though you’ve run out of costs to cut? You can score big savings by switching expensive services and products for inexpensive alternatives. For example, you may cancel your $100-per-month membership at the new, big, fancy gym complex and opt ...

Smartphone and Data Plan Guide for 2014

The cost of monthly cell phone service is dropping. The change for your wallet is the best since the last big wave of discounting began 15 years ago. Plans and services are morphing in many different directions at once. That makes saving money more complicated and requires you to decide ...

Free iPhone 5s Trial From T-Mobile

T-Mobile has faced challenges trying to attract customers from AT&T and Verizon. So now they’ve hit on a new strategy: Giving free iPhones for 1 week so potential customers can take their network on a test drive! The self-proclaimed “Un-carrier” did away with contracts back in 2013. But they’ve been ...

T-Mobile Sued Over Cram Charges

T-Mobile is publicly trying to be the most customer-friendly of the Big 4 wireless carriers, but they're now being sued by the feds for allegedly making money off unwanted services they secretly foisted on subscribers. Here's why the feds are taking on T-Mobile The Federal Trade Commission alleges in its ...

A new $20/month unlimited talk/text cell plan

A new $20/month unlimited talk/text cell plan

Want to pay just $20 a month for unlimited talk and text with 1 GB of high-speed data and throttled data after that? Check out this deal.

Can Using a Find My Phone App Be Dangerous?

If your phone or laptop goes missing, there are a variety of free apps that will help you locate it and protect your data so crooks can't compromise your financial security. But will using them put you in physical danger? Find my phone apps help address a rampant crime Theft ...

Discount mobile cell service from AT&T subsidiary

Discount mobile cell service from AT&T subsidiary

Coming out of a cellphone contract soon? You can get AT&T-based discount service with no contract from this smaller provider.

142 items
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