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Beware of the Latest Threats to Facebook Users

A fake app making the rounds on Facebook promises to let you change the color of your profile, but it might just make you see red. The so-called Facebook Color Scam was first reported by Cheetah Mobile. If you click on the app, it takes you to a site where ...

Facebook Messenger App Permissions: Friend or Foe?

If you're all worked up over app permissions for Facebook Messenger, time to take a deep breath and relax! There's been big news of late about Facebook forcing users to download a separate app for mobile messaging. And a lot of misinformation has being shared about it via articles and ...

Free apps to protect your phone from theft

Free apps to protect your phone from theft

Apple's embedded "kill switch" technology in its latest OS has been thwarting phone thieves. Android users can get the same protection with free apps

A Parent's Guide To Mobile Device Safety

Smartphones and tablets are great for keeping kids entertained on long road trips or in the carpool line. But there are some dangers to your wallet when your kids play with your gadgets. In-game app charges on kids' games have become a real problem for parents. It's not uncommon for ...

T-Mobile Sued Over Cram Charges

T-Mobile is publicly trying to be the most customer-friendly of the Big 4 wireless carriers, but they're now being sued by the feds for allegedly making money off unwanted services they secretly foisted on subscribers. Here's why the feds are taking on T-Mobile The Federal Trade Commission alleges in its ...

Facebook Privacy Policy Changes To Benefit Users

Facebook is about to offer users a more hands-on way to manage their privacy on the 1.28 billion person social network. Here's a look at how the new Facebook privacy policy will impact users According to a recent post on its blog, Facebook will default all new user accounts to ...

Kill Switch Technology Coming To Android

With smartphone theft the No. 1 crime in many metro areas, Apple has defied wireless operators and mobile manufacturers to do the right thing for consumers. Apple's iOS 7 offers kill switch-like technology that thwarts smartphone thieves Along with the introduction of iOS 7, Apple rolled out a software update ...

Making Internet Privacy Easy

Are you concerned with all the discussion about online tracking by the government and private industry? There are some simple steps you can take to limit it. The use of cookies to track your web browsing and serve up relevant ads is one of the easiest things to stop. For ...

Can Using a Find My Phone App Be Dangerous?

If your phone or laptop goes missing, there are a variety of free apps that will help you locate it and protect your data so crooks can't compromise your financial security. But will using them put you in physical danger? Find my phone apps help address a rampant crime Theft ...

How To Turn Off Appleā€™s Frequent Locations Tracking

If you’re unhappy with all the tracking Apple does on you, there’s now something you can do about it. There had been rumors that iOS 7 would have special spy capabilities in it. I dismissed the reports at first, but the tech blogs have been blowing up with info about ...

166 items
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