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The Heartbleed Data Breaches: Clark’s Advice

Don’t panic. But don’t tune out and let the apathy virus shut you down either. You can protect yourself from harm with a couple of simple steps.  Heartbleed  is a software bug that allowed criminals to exploit encrypted data and even “secure”  financial sites.   This huge breach makes it possible ...

Should You Get A New Computer If You're Running Windows XP?

Now that Microsoft has put the kibosh on support for Windows XP, I'm advising people to ditch their old desktops or laptop computers that run this antiquated operating system. After 12 years, Microsoft support for Windows XP officially ended on April 8. That means Microsoft is no longer providing security ...

Remove Web Search History and Keep Searches Private

Are you concerned with all the discussion about online tracking by the government and private industry? There are some simple steps you can take to limit it. The use of cookies to track your web browsing and serve up relevant ads is one of the easiest things to stop. For ...

Armed thieves posing as iPhone sellers on Craigslist has long posted a warning on its site that reads, "Deal locally with folks you can meet in person. Follow this one rule and avoid 99% of scam attempts." Well, now there's a new warning I have to give you about doing business face-to-face with people. The San Francisco ...

Cookies are toast, so what's next in online tracking?

When it comes to tracking your activity online, the cookie is going away. But where are the laws we need to protect us as Internet tracking evolves? Apple has a unique identifier for every mobile device they sell. Then they provide that unique code to advertisers, so you can be ...

Reduce data breach repercussions with this tip

Reduce data breach repercussions with this tip

Data breaches are rampant now. Here's one very important thing everyone needs to do right now to safeguard your finances and identity.

Bitcoin is NOT an investment

Have you heard about Bitcoin? It's an alternative digital currency that represents a reaction to loss of faith in government and fiat currency. Three years ago, a Bitcoin was worth less than $1. Today it's worth close to $500 to $700 per Bitcoin. But that's down from about $2,000. I ...

2 steps to protect against data breaches

2 steps to protect against data breaches

Most of us feel paralyzed by all the recent data breaches. Here are 2 easy steps you can take to protect yourself.

Beware of the one ring scam on your phone

That missed call on your cellphone could cost you $30…but maybe not in the way you think. One of my Facebook followers let me know about an old scam that has roared back to life. Years ago, crooks found a way to exploit a handful of international area codes that ...

Yahoo mail users hit by data breach

If you are one of the hundreds of millions of Americans who uses Yahoo mail, you have homework to do right after you read this. Yahoo has a breach of undetermined size going on right now. The username and passwords of Yahoo mail customers have been compromised. So there are ...

158 items
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